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Ortho for a Day

January 3, 2010

You know sometimes good things really can arise from unfortunate events. The unfortunate event is that my dad had to get a partial knee replacement a couple of months back. The good news is that during the whole pre-op and post-op process my mom mentioned that her son was also in medical school and was […]

The Society of Black Academic Surgeons Conference

April 16, 2007

“The Society of Black Academic Surgeons (SBAS) was founded in 1989 against the backdrop of a paucity of African-American surgeons in academic medicine and the absence of an organized network of African-American surgeons to stimulate, mentor and inspire young surgeons and medical students to pursue academic careers. The Society’s annual meeting is designed to stimulate […]


April 2, 2007

I am finally at peace….and it feels wonderful. When I started this process I had a plan, that I was sure was sound enough that God would fall in line and implement. But as I was brought to realize…my plans don’t matter. All you can do is try your hardest to do well in school, […]


August 11, 2006

So basically I’m waiting right now. I’m waiting for an interview invite from the schools I’m complete at (meaning that I’ve finished and submitted the secondary application and paid the fee, and I’ve sent in my LORs already). Those schools are University of Maryland, Loma Linda University, and the University of Cincinnati. I have completed […]

Doctor Shadowing at WHC

July 17, 2006

Yesterday I got the opportunity to shadow the surgery resident at the Washington Hospital Center. He’s on the orange team which does more general surgery related things rather than specific cases like burns, or transplants. He didn’t go in to do any surgeries; his job was to go in and round on all the patients, […]

Doctor Shadowing

June 25, 2006

My doctor shadowing this past Friday at the Washington Hospital Center was great!!! The surgery resident I was shadowing was just finishing up his second year and he was on the burn service for the hospital. So if someone came in with any kind of severe burn, then they took care of them. When I […]

Today I had the opportunity to meet a…

August 11, 2004

Today I had the opportunity to meet a really cool guy. His name is Dr. Kenneth Davis, Jr. He’s an African American trauma/critical care surgeon; and the only black surgeon attending in the UC system. He also happens to sit on the University of Cincinnati Admissions board. I tried to write down most of the […]

I have to admit that the Lord has really blessed m…

August 3, 2004

I have to admit that the Lord has really blessed me this summer. The experience that I?m getting at the University of Cincinnati is incredible. I?m not only doing research, but I?m also doing some ridiculous shadowing. Let me tell you guys about my past couple of days.
Saturday I went to the movies to […]

My my my, what a day I’ve had. Its actually 2:30 i…

July 29, 2004

My my my, what a day I’ve had. Its actually 2:30 in the morning on Friday, but because I love yall, I’m going to post my journal.
Research went pretty well today. I took my brain sections out of the cyroprotectant and put them into a well plate filled with PBS. I have to rinse […]