AMCAS app complete

Wow, so much has happened while I’ve been gone. Its so nice to see so many new writers on the site. I’ve been pretty busy, but I don’t want to make this post too long. As most of you all know, I have been on a NAPS mission in Lake Charles, LA for the post 5 weeks and it was absolutely amazing. I truly can’t formulate words to completely describe how well it went, but what I can say is that many people received post-Hurricane Rita relief and many lives were touched. I know that’s general but I’d write a thesis if I wrote everything down that happened. For the pictures, just visit this link:

I drove up to Hopkins this morning to get orientated in my lab. The topic seems to be pretty interesting. Even though the PI of the lab is of Middle Eastern descent, everyone in his lab is white, so that’s a definitely a change in environment for me. At Cincinnati the whole lab was Chinese so I couldn’t really converse with them. It will be fun to work with people I can talk and joke around with. They gave me 3 papers to read which unfortunately I really have not gotten the chance to read yet. The PI is actually gone right now, so it looks like I’ll be getting bounced around from grad student to grad student until he comes back. I must admit that at this point I am pretty uninterested in doing any kind of research. I just want to sit at home in my underwear and watch TV. But I suppose that that is part of growing up; learning to do things when you really don’t feel like it.

Well my AMCAS application is COMPLETELY COMPLETELY COMPLETELY COMPLETE. My mom will have the $430 by the end of this week, so I’ll submit it then, still hopefully beating the verification rush.

This will be a busy summer for me. For the wedding, I’m in charge of designing the invitations and making the guest list. And then secondary applications will start rolling in next month, so I have to make sure I get my money straight for that. I also want to work out A LOT so I can look like the HULK at my wedding, lol (how vain can we be sometimes). Then, I’ll be shadowing a surgery resident that works at the Washington Hospital Center in D.C., so that will be exciting. I’m still dragging my feet from the drive up to Maryland from Alabama, so I’ll write more exciting posts last as I wake up. God bless.

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