Personalized plates (stupid?)

Research at Hopkins is actually going great. If I had had such a great and interesting time doing research before, I actually might have considered pursuing an PhD, but its too late for that now. I’ve already started filling out 2 secondaries from George Washington and Howard University. The others haven’t contacted me yet.

I’m getting bored and so I decided to spice up my life by getting personalized license plates. I’ve Photoshopped the different ideas I had for my plates on the PICTURES BELOW so please click on them and choose below in the poll which one you prefer. For those wondering, Mutonga is an African name I was given and it means servant. But I’ve been told that if you don’t know what it means, then it actually could be mistaken for some dirty name, so I’m concerned about that. Also, who can figure out what SCPLPLZ is?

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