I’m an idiot (truly)

Today I truly felt like an idiot. For all those premeds out there…its very important to retain certain tidbits of information, even from classes you hate. I HATED general chemistry class. It was just an overglorified math class to me, and I’m really not fond of math. Now I can get an A in pretty much any math class I take, because I learn what I need to learn exactly to get the grade, but retention is like 1%. So, back in freshman year when I took General Chemistry we learned out to make molar solutions, and all other types of solutions. Well I hated that stuff, but somehow I understood it enough to get an A in the class. Fast forward 3 years to now, while I’m at the prestigious Johns Hopkins University doing research, and the post doc asks me to make 100 mL of a 1 M glucose solution. I froze, because I was searching my memory bank for the method I had learned to calculate molar solutions and I just couldn’t remember for the life of me. When you didn’t understand something (or care to understand) when you learned it, and you haven’t used it either it kind of goes away. I hadn’t needed to make a molar solution since freshman year when I took G. Chem. Even sophomore year in Organic class, my lab partner liked to do solutions so I never had to. But you know what…I remember my O.Chem lab partner (my fiancée) telling me that I needed to make the solutions sometimes, or else I wouldn’t learn. And I just ignored her comment; oh how I wished I had listened. So this post doc asks me to make a 100 mL of a 1 M solution of glucose and I said, OK, and I started on the project. One thing about myself that I can say is of some value is that I’m not too prideful to admit I’m wrong or to ask for help. I went online to see how to make the solution but surprisingly I couldn’t find any good sites, even on Google. So I went to the post doc and asked him for help, even though I knew he would now think that I’m an idiot and that all Oakwood students are idiots, I went and asked for help. He seemed a little surprised that I didn’t know what to do, since I had grasped the research project background info so quickly, but he walked me through it anyway. Maybe I could have tried to retain more info from freshman year but I truly believe at times that some people have gifts, and chemistry isn’t mine. I couldn’t make a 1 M solution but if he had asked me to give him the origin, insertion, action, blood supply, and innervation of most muscles in the body I could tell him. Or if he wanted me to walk him through the different plant hormones and their function or the Kreb Cycle, I could, but I just COULD NOT MAKE ONE BLOODLY MOLAR SOLUTION OF GLUCOSE. Lol, as you can see it took me a sec to get over it, but I’m fine now. Sometimes you just have to swallow your pride and admit that you don’t know something, even if its very simple. We had a lab meeting today and it was pretty cool to hear the PI talking. The grad students were asking him if he had e-mailed the different companies and people they had asked him to contact and he got really pissed because he had completely forgotten. The grad students and post docs suggested that maybe he should get a TO DO list or an undergrad student to organize his stuff. When he heard undergrad student he got even more pissed and he started blaming all his forgetfulness on the undergrads at Hopkins. He was saying that he gets 100s of e-mails a day for recommendations and other stuff that the undergrad students need. I imagine that it is hard being a professor at Hopkins because you have to run the lab and attend to the students. It was just funny to hear him talk about undergrads while I was sitting right there. This did make me appreciate my school a lot more. We only have like 1, 500 people on campus and not only do we have access to our professors like all the time, but they even bring us to their houses for dinner and other stuff. They aren’t just professors but extended parents; but they won’t baby you either. My favorite professor will give me an F in a second if I turn in crappy work. We don’t really even have to e-mail our professors asking for LORs. We can just walk into their office (rarely ever having to set an appointment) and sit down and talk to them. I like the small class setting and hopefully I can continue to be in a small class in med school. I was reminded again that I’m actually getting married. You see, when you are married you can really no longer just make decisions in terms of how it will affect you; you have to consider how it will affect your significant other also. I was reminded of this today when I was considering adding Washington University of St. Loius to my AMCAS app. I was about to pay the money to add Wash U when I realized that Brittany has no desire to attend Wash U, she has no connections there, and I hadn’t talked to her about the school at all. If I was single, I could technically apply to all the schools I want simply based on my desire to apply to those schools. But I had to consider Brittany’s thoughts too, and it was remarkable that I caught myself. I hope the Lord gives me more opportunities to fix an selfishness I have inside me.

I called AMCAS today to inquire why my status still said “Waiting for Review”. The guy said that all AMCAS apps submitted after June 20th have an extended waiting period of about 4 to 5 weeks. That seems awfully long to me, but I guess I have to accept it, because the AAMC wont’ move any faster.

I have decided to get the license plate that says SCALPL, and if that don’t work then DOCTA J, and if that don’t work then JTB MD, and if that don’t work then SCALPLZ. I’ll have to turn the form into the MVA on Wednesday. I’m getting tired so I’ll TTYL.

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