Today was my poster day for my research program. I…

Today was my poster day for my research program. It was pretty cool actually. You basically stand in front of your poster until both of the judges that are supposed to see your poster see it. After that, other people come around and ask you questions about your poster or they ask you to take them through exactly what your research was about. I guess this one guy thought I was just a stupid summer student who made a poster but didn’t really know what my research was about; so he asked me a bunch of antagonistic questions including asking me to take him through the whole apoptosis pathway. Thank goodness that I had been drilled on the apoptosis pathway by my mentor, so I was able to tell him. I guess after that I earned his respect, so he smiled and walked away; some people are really interesting.

I know this is really early, but here is a list of medical schools that I think I’m going to apply to. Beside each one is a reason why I want to go there (It’ll be obvious that I miss Maryland). At first I only had ten on my list, but someone told me to put more, so here they are:

1. Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons– It’s only a four hour drive from home

2. Cornell University (Weill) – It’s only a four hour drive from home

3. Drexel University – It’s in Philly, that’s not too far from home

4. Emory University – Atlanta seems like a fun place; and I heard this school was pretty good

5. George Washington University – It’s really close to home

6. Georgetown University – It’s really close to home

7. Howard University – Well, first off I kind of feel obligated to it since it’s one of our black medschools. It also happens to be close to home, plus my mom went their for medschool (but for some reason she doesn’t want me to go there; is there something wrong with Howard?)

8. Johns Hopkins University – Well its in my home state first off. Second it happens to be a really good school.

9. Loma Linda University– Well, I’m 7th day Adventist, and this is our only medical school, so I’m definitely applying here. The only thing is that its really far from Maryland.

10. Meharry Medical College – This is a historically black medical school whose mission is serving the poor. I also heard that last year the highest step 1 boards that year came from a Meharry student; so their academic record is good. Tennessee is a tad far from Maryland though.

11. Morehouse School of Medicine– It’s also a black school, that’s really the only reason I’m applying; I don’t know much about it though.

12. Mount Sinai School of Medicine– Well I have a whole lot of family in Brooklyn, and I’ve always loved NY; plus New York is only 4 hours away from home.

13. New York University– Same reasons as Mt. Sinai

14. Northwestern University (Feinberg)– To be honest I hadn’t heard of this school before I came to Cincinnati this summer. But it seems like everyone I talked to here said it was a good school, so I added it to my list. Plus the trauma surgeon I shadowed graduated from there, and happens to be in with the dean of admissions. So it would be stupid not to apply.

15. Penn State University College of Medicine– I’m not really sure why I’m applying here. It’s on the east coast and relatively close to Maryland, that’s really all.

16. SUNY–Brooklyn– It’s only four hours away from home. Plus I have family in Brooklyn.

17. University of Cincinnati – I did research here and made a lot of contacts; I have to apply here, plus I hear they have a good program here.

18. University of Maryland– IN STATE TUITION!!! Plus they are in the heart of the city of Baltimore, so the potential for outreach is really great.

19. University of Pittsburgh – It’s on the east coast, kind close to home.

20. University of Virginia – It’s close to home.

21. Yeshiva University (Albert Einstein) – It’s four hours from home, plus it’s a really good school; and I love NYC.

As you can tell, I don’t really care about the name of the school too much. If you are at the top of your class, you’ll get into whatever residency you want. So I have 21 schools listed; that’s $760 that I’ll be paying to AMCAS’ crap!!!

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