Mixed emotions

Today I had mixed emotions. I had 2 letters in my mailbox, one from Vanderbilt and one from Howard. The Vanderbilt one was a skinny little envelope, and the Howard letter was a humongous packet. Of course, the Vanderbilt letter wasn’t an acceptance. They waitlisted me. The Howard packet was an acceptance!!! I have mixed emotions because I got so so so so so many good vibes from my interviewers and everyone I met. I was almost sure that I was in, but I think that maybe I was trusting too much on myself and not where God would get me in. But then I’m also accepted into Howard, a school that I respect alot. What can I say…maybe the Lord is actually answering my prayers. I’ve been praying to the Lord every day for Him to close doors that need to be closed and open doors that need to be opened so that my fiancee and I can get into the same medical school. Maybe Vanderbilt is a door that needed to be closed. Who knows, lol. All I know is that its the Sabbath, and the week is over; so I’ll count my blessings and continue to wait for the open doors.

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