Hanging Out with the Guys

The residents here at AMC are really fun to hang around with. In clinic they have me laughing constantly at their jokes; in our ortho basic science meetings the jokes are non-stop and overall they love to tease each other in good fun. Today, one of the residents kept asking me if I wanted to join them for some basketball later this afternoon. I guess a bunch of the ortho residents and ortho reps get together to play ball each Friday. It was fun playing against them, and it didn’t hurt that I was on today too…most of my shots went in. This isn’t normal for me so I’m pretty proud of that. After a couple of games, the chief resident asked me if I wanted to join them later tonight at a bar. I told him I couldn’t because I was going to be with family. I suppose I could have explained the whole sabbath to him (my real reason for not going), but he was still kind of playing ball so I didn’t want to make him stop all that to listen to my explanation. In general however, its advised that whenever the residents ask you to hang out with them outside of the hospital, you should go. Because it allows them to see if you are cool in the hospital but awkward outside of it. They told me that AMC really cares about the “cool outside the hospital” part, so hopefully I can continue to make better friends with all of the residents.

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