Sports Day

I am currently sitting in Emory University’s library typing this post and all I can say is wow. Their library is more like a corporate building…I’m not even sure how many floors it has.

Anyway, this week I have been on Sports at AMC and so far I have seen the what makes AMC such a well-kept secret. The attendings they work with are basically private orthopaedic surgeons who want to teach, so they let AMC residents work with them one-on-one. What makes this even more amazing is the caliber of these attendings; one attending whose name escapes me trained directly under Dr. Neer, as in the Neer Sign. Another attending who I worked with today in clinic trained directly under Dr. Anderson at UAB. As a resident at AMC, you get to work one-one-one with these guys. And the best thing about it is that if they like you, all they have to do is place a call back to their fellowships or other fellowship programs. So even though AMC doesn’t really have a big name, they work with big name attendings, and when it comes to applying for fellowships, thats all you really need.

Today as I was working with Dr. Gillogly (guy who trained under Anderson) in clinic I was amazed at how huge his Sports Clinic was. He is the official doctor for the Atlanta Falcons and the Atlanta Thrashers and I could see why. His office was a well oiled machine, with signed jerseys from multiple players up on the walls, a glass encased roomed filled with physical therapists, family medicine trained sports docs, etc. I didn’t see any professional players, but I did see some football players from the surrounding Georgia universities. During lunch time Dr. Gillogly went to see injured players at the Falcon’s stadium, but students weren’t allowed to come. Either way, it was pretty awesome working with him.

After interacting with the residents during these past 2 weeks I am more confident that I would love working with these guys. They seem down to earth and seem like people that I would probably want to hang out with.

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