Last Years Interview Schedule

Someone on orthogate posted an organized list of last years interview invitation schedule: This is a pretty good list because it helps me to be patient and wait for the certain month that I should hopefully expect to hear from a program. If I go off of this list, and if I am lucky to get 10% of the invitations from places I applied to I should have 1 interview in October, 2 in the Nov 1st – Nov 15 segment, 2 in the Nov 16-30 segment, 1 in the Dec 1-15 segment, and 1 in the Dec 16-31 segment. That is a total of 7 interviews, not taking into account the 5 programs I am guaranteed interviews at which are LLU, Hopkins, AMC, Howard, and now Wayne State. So in the end I will hopefully end up with 13 interviews, 5 of which are guaranteed and 7 of which is based on my arbitrary estimate that I will receive 10% of my interviews. From the Charting Outcomes 2009 document, I have a 95% chance of matching if I am able to interview at 13 programs, so I’m liking those odds.

I could throw numbers around all day, but in the end my future is in God’s hands. And as hard as it is to let go and let Him take over, I definitely find comfort in the knowledge that my entrance into orthopaedics is not dependent solely on my abilities and work, but God’s divine planning also.

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