Last Day at AMC

So today was my last day of my away elective at Atlanta Medical Center, and as I look back over this month I can truly say that I enjoyed myself. The guys here are pretty fun to be around, super funny, and very laid back. I like the fact that you not only get the inner city patients at the main AMC hospital, but you also get the rich, insured patients when you rotate at various hospitals in Buckhead during your 3rd and 4th years.

I feel like if I matched here I would have a thorough surgical education, but I think I would have to work harder as an individual to pursue an academic career if I came here. I liked that this program did have a black resident, who could honestly tell me that he hasn’t faced any racism while being here as a resident. I really could go on and on about this program and how much I liked it, but I’m tired, and I need to drive up to Maryland in the morning to get ready for my next rotation at Hopkins. So good night.

p.s.- I have no idea where I would rank this program if I had to submit my ERAS rank list tomorrow. I’m pretty sure I would rank it over Loma Linda, simply due to location, but otherwise I have no idea.

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