Inferiority Complex

It is becoming increasingly hard for me to not feel inferior to everyone else here at hopkins. Whether it is true or not, I “feel” like the residents here are much smarter than will ever be. Its also intimidating to be rotating with like 8 other students who come from big names schools including Hopkins, Harvard, Georgetown, UCLA, etc. Why would they even look at me over those guys? Whats the purpose of me even rotating here? I mean I really like the environment, but I just feel like I’m at the extreme bottom of any rank list that Hopkins could possibly form. Sigh….

One Response to Inferiority Complex

  1. Auntie Shelley says:

    That’s the voice of the enemy. What God has for you is for YOU! If it’s Hopkins, fine – some place else, fine. But you’re NEVER inferior – LLU is well known outside SDA circles. God’s got your Hopkins!
    Love you!

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