Hopkins Day #3

Today is just my 3rd day here as a sub-i here at Hopkins and I feel like I’ve been here for a week. I arrived on Monday and basically for the past 2 days I’ve been trying to navigate this behemoth of a hospital. This place is so massive that you really could get lost in it for days. I am on the peds ortho service here, with Dr. S and its been pretty cool. I really didn’t know it at the time but Dr. S is like a freaking world authority on a variety of peds ortho conditions, and many patients get flown in just to be operated on by him. Today, I was in the OR with him, and two surprising things happened: 1) he acknowledged my existence in the OR 2) he told me to take the bone saw and make an osteotomy of the calcaneus and the cuboid bone. That just really made my day; after that we were in a crazy 5 hour posterior spinal fusion case on a kid who had a cobb angle of almost 90 degrees! All in all we saw some great cases and I have been learning a lot.

Its only been 3 days but already I am liking what I see here at Hopkins. From talking with the residents here, Hopkins’ program gets a ton of trauma, a mega-ton of peds, and great exposure in the other fields. The great part is that peds and spine are really the only services with fellows and the fellow almost never takes cases from residents. So far I really like the fact that they operate a good bit here, and early too. I was also surprised at how cool the residents were; I mean they were certainly pretty academic, and they knew their literature, but they didn’t seem stuffy like I assumed they would. There really is just so much to do here and I really need to read, so I’ll go ahead and do that. Bye!

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