God is Good!

So I am almost at the end of my first 2 weeks here at Hopkins and it has really been amazing. This program is leaps and bounds above anything that I thought it would be. First off the hospital is just massive; I get enough exercise just getting from the Peds ward to the Adult ward. The residents here are definitely of a higher pedigree in terms of the schools they came from but they are not at all stuck up or hard to get along with. And any rumors that I had heard about them being malignant was been dispelled from my experience. I hate to say it, but I am pretty sure right now that I would want to end up here. But unfortunately a lot of other students do too.

There are a crap load of students currently rotating during this cycle. On the peds team alone there are 3 students including me. That really makes for a crowded environment and makes it harder for the attending to get to know you. I praise God though that almost all of the students are finishing their 4 week rotation tomorrow, which leaves me as the only student on the Peds service for 2 weeks. I really plan to work my tail off for the next 2 weeks to hopefully impress him enough to rank me highly come interview time. Despite all of that, I know that nothing I can truly do will be as good as God’s hand just working and opening up doors like it usually does.

I had to be reminded of God’s hand today when I seemingly had a conflict between my future interview at Hopkins and the one I got at Wayne State. Initially I had called Wayne State asking them if they could possibly switch me to another date since I had a conflict. They said all their spots were filled and that there was nothing they could do. Well, I prayed about it, and a couple days later someone posted on Orthogate that they had an interview for January 14, 2011 that they needed to be switched to Dec. 3 at Wayne State! So I contacted him, and we decided to both email the secretary at Wayne State to confirm the switch. When I emailed her, she sent me back an email saying that she already gave away my spot!!!!!!! I couldn’t believe what I was reading. Somehow she had assumed that since I told her I had a scheduling conflict that I wanted my interview cancelled. She didn’t even notify me that my interview had been cancelled. Well I prayed again, called her, and she told me that she had misunderstood me. Either way, someone else had my spot, so she had to call the Chairman to see if it was alright to interview an additional person. In the end, it all worked out and I got my interview “back”, and was able to schedule it for Jan. 14! God truly answered my prayers and reassured me that despite the obstacles that me be in my way, He will continue to lead me, even come Match Day.

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