Just another day

I was talking with one of the PGY-2s on our team and he remarked at how lucky I am. Lucky in that during the last 2 weeks that I will be here, I will really be able to make an impression on Dr. S without the other students crowding me out. And its better that this is occurring in the last 2 weeks of my rotation and at basically the last rotating cycle, because I will hopefully be very fresh in his head come interview time. The attending on the team is amazingly smart and very hard working and from what the residents have told me, the only thing that impresses him is hard work. The main way that he sees the hard work is by 1) writing all the notes on all the patients before the residents get there 2) always being available to do cases in the OR, even if its super late 3) knowing your anatomy 4) knowing about interesting diseases that various patient’s have. When the other 2 students were here, we were all doing that but it wasn’t as apparent since we split it between the 3 of us. For the next 2 weeks it will just be me and Dr. S will hopefully be able to see that I can work very hard and be an asset the team, more so than what he could have observed with the other 2 students were here. So this is truly a blessing in disguise and I praise God for giving me the opportunity to work one on one with the attending. I will continue to pray that God will open doors for me during this crazy application process.

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