Step 2 CK and CS!!!

Okay, so I definitely got my Step 2 CK scores back like 2 months ago, but I am just getting around to sharing the testimony about it! God truly is so good and He listens to even our smallest prayers. I knew that I didn’t do too well on a lot of my 3rd year clerkship boards, so I was really hoping for a good grade on Step 2 CK to prove to myself and to the residency programs that I knew my clinical information. Unfortunately though when I was studying for Step 2 CK with UsmleWorld I was really struggling. I was getting a lot of questions wrong and getting really discouraged. But despite my discouragement, I prayed a simple prayer to God:

“Help me to get 10 points higher on Step 2 than I did on Step 1. ”

And God answered my prayer exactly!!! I really should have prayer for 20 points higher, lol. But it was just so encouraging to pray a specific prayer, and actually have God respond with such a blessing. It reminded of his ever present care for me and gave me strength to trust in Him during future obstacles.

So now that I have passed Step 2 CK and CS there is really nothing left that will prevent me from graduating!

5 Responses to Step 2 CK and CS!!!

  1. Cory says:

    Congrats man! I’m just trying to graduate from first year

  2. DoctaJay says:

    thanks guys. God is good!

  3. Denice Lacey says:

    Congratulations…God is with you and Congratulations on your soon coming bundle of Joy………Blessings to you & your wife. God will continue to open doors..keep serving Him.

  4. hi says:

    Hi, I’ve been reading your blog since SDN. Is there a way to get the password so I can read your entries? Thanks.

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