Today was a tad bit stressing. In my last post you…

Today was a tad bit stressing. In my last post you guys read about how I was looking into acquiring an apartment for this upcoming school year. Well, that’s scrapped now, and I’ll be living on campus. Basically, the apartment that we wanted to live in required that I sign, my roommate sign, my mom sign, and his mom sign separate applications. Each application has a $35 app fee. The money wasn’t the problem, the first problem was that they dont’ allow payments over the phone, they had to fax us a form, we had to fill it out and sign it, then we had to fax it back to them. From there they would mail the form to a rental payment company, who would then call them back to tell them whether the card was approved or not. HOW COMPLETELY STUPID & OVERKILLIOUS (my new word) IS THAT???? So yeah, after they received a total of $140 from us, they will run a credit check on our parents (we haven’t rented before so they had to cosign). Now, my mom still has a butt load of student loans, so her credit is all that right now. My roommates mom’s credit was good, but she didn’t have a application. All in all, we had to have all our crap in by today or else they wouldn’t secure the apartment for us. I had been calling them all day trying to coordinate everything, but I just gave up. I called my school, and told them that I will be living on campus this year. My roommate didn’t want to give up, so he’s like really pissed at me right now’but it’s whatever.

I presented my poster to my mentor today. Nothing interesting really, she said that she liked it. I went to the hospital to shadow and for a while it was really quiet. I met a 4th year from Meharry Medical College who was doing his internship at UC. He was really cool, and I learned a lot about Meharry. Later on tonight it got really crazy with a gun shot wound to the groin. Basically the bullet ripped through his femoral vein and by the time he had came into the ER, he had just about bled to death. They rushed him up the OR and he should make it through. This other guy came in after being rolled over by an SUV. This is truly a crazy world. I’m really tired right now, I’ll speak to yall tomorrow.

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