One more semester!!!

One more semester to go before I am finished with college!!! I know people say it all the time, but the time has truly flown by. You know, I recall sitting on my bed with the Oakwood College course book, trying to figure out what classes to take. I remember people telling me that in this one teacher’s class no one had received an A for like 3 years. I remember people telling me that Organic Chemistry was impossible and that I would be lucky if I received a C in the class. I remember my uncles and upperclassmen telling me that entering college with a girlfriend was stupid and that I would break up with her after 1 month of class because of the beautiful girls at Oakwood. I also remember receiving a handwritten letter my freshman year from my roommate’s grandmother who didn’t know me from Adam. She encouraged me to work hard in college and more importantly than everything else, to seek God in all that I do and acknowledge Him in everything that I do. For those highschoolers that read my blogs who are slightly apprehensive about how college will work out for them, just remember what my roommate’s grandmother told me and you will succeed in EVERYTHING that you do. Being a premed, especially a premed with a science major is challenging. The journey to medical school is filled with seemingly insurmountable obstacles, but you always have to keep in the forefront of your mind that people have done it before, so it must be doable. You may get a 98% on an Organic Chemistry test one day, and then a 45% on a Genetics test the next, but never feel like your dreams to become a doctor must end. So many people have had up and down semesters like that, and the are now successful physicians. In my previous post, I talked at length about my Biochemistry final, and how I was just praying for a B in the class because I didn’t get to do the buffer PH questions at the end of the test. Well, the Lord truly truly blessed. I believe that a combination of a lot of folks doing horribly on the final, along with the PH problems not counting for too many points, along with the grace of God allowed me to get an A in the class!!!!!!!!!!!!! Here is how my second to last semester went:Desktop Publishing for Graphic Design:A-
Biology Seminar:A
Racquetball I:A
Weight Training:B+
Athletic Injuries:A

With the semester finally finished, I’ve had time to just plan for the wedding and chill out. My jobs for the wedding are to get all the addresses for the guest list and to work on the invitations. Planning a wedding is exciting in spurts; personally I’m excited until I have to sit down with her and her parents, then it gets stressful. Otherwise, everything is cool. Truly, I can’t imagine myself being any happier than being married while in medical school. Speaking of medical school; I was called by Loma Linda on Friday so I’m in!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now my fiancée hasn’t gotten the call yet, so we are still headed to Meharry. There is a high chance that we will take a year off before we go to medical school to do more missionary work, but I’ll keep you posted on that. I’ll write again soon!

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