End of Hopkins. Interviews. Rejections.

So this past Friday marked my last day of rotating at Hopkins. I really really really really had a great experience there and I am so sure that it is my top choice. The Lord really blessed with some positive feedback too. The chief resident told me that all of the residents had great things to say about me, and that no one who worked with me had anything negative to say. In fact, on my last day when I had already said goodbye to everyone and was walking out of the hospital, one of the PGY-2s told me to wait up for him cause he wanted to walk me out. He told me that he wanted to walk me out just to let me know that he thinks I did a great job and the other residents who worked with me on my team thought the same thing. He said that I worked very hard and it was noticed and overall I did all the right things. He said at this point that I just need to make sure I don’t mess up my interview, and that should hopefully increase my chances of coming here. Now these are the words of man, which don’t quite matter because I know that God holds my future, but it was comforting to here that the residents were enthralled with me like I was with them. I pray that God would let me match here, but I want to be open to His will also. So yeah, we will see how it all turns out.

On another note, God has blessed me with more interview invitations, but with good there is always bad, so I have received rejections also. The rejections kind of hurt, but I honestly knew I would receive a lot of rejections because I applied to 76 programs. I would be happy with 25 interviews in the end, which means that 51 programs need to reject me, lol. So yeahI will take the good with the bad, as long as it means I will be an orthopaedic resident next year. Where I am getting interviews also seems quite random. I got some from places that I have no connection to and rejected from others that I have connections to. This process truly is random. So below is a tally of my current interviews and rejections:


1. Johns Hopkins- Dec. 3
2. Loma Linda University- Jan. 13
3. Howard- interview while rotating due to sabbath conflict
4. Atlanta Medical Center- Dec. 9
5. Wayne State- Jan. 14
6. University of Buffalo- Jan. 6
7. University of Texas Medical Branch- Galveston- Jan. 10
8. Henry Ford- Dec. 7


1. Yale
2. Georgetown
3. Wake Forest
4. UNC-Chapel Hill

Tomorrow I start my 2 week rotation at Howard and to be honest I am almost burned out. I have been waking up ridiculously early for 2.5 months and I just want to see my pregnant wife. But this is what I need to do in order to have a job at the end, so I will grin and bear it. I just may pass out once I finish my Howard rotation.

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