Taking the good with bad

So with the end of another week comes more rejections from SUNY-Stoney Brook and University of Chicago. Rejection, no matter how much its expected still hurts, but I refuse to look at the glass as half empty.God has truly blessed me with some great interviews and I will certainly cherish those. Just this week I was invited for an interview to the Baylor College of Medicine! I am definitely stoked about the interviews and despite the palpitations that it gives me to think about Match Day, I think that seeing each program will be a great learning experience. In order to tally everything, I still haven’t heard a rejection or acceptance from 56 of the 76 programs that I applied to. My interviews and rejections are  below:


1. Johns Hopkins- Dec. 3
2. Loma Linda University- Jan. 13
3. Howard- interview while rotating due to sabbath conflict
4. Atlanta Medical Center- Dec. 9
5. Wayne State- Jan. 14
6. University of Buffalo- Jan. 6
7. University of Texas Medical Branch- Galveston- Jan. 10
8. Henry Ford- Dec. 7
9. Baylor College of Medicine- Dec. 10


1. Albert Einstein
2. Georgetown
3. Columbia
4. Stoney Brook
5. University of Chicago
6. University of Michigan
7. UNC- Chapel Hills
8.  UTSW
9.  Wake Forest
10. Yale

So praise God it looks like I am running almost equal with the interviews and rejections, but lets be honest…when you apply to 76 places, you have to expect a ton of rejections just due to regional bias. Interestingly enough, I haven’t really received a whole bunch of interviews from places that I thought I would. 2 of my interviews are from programs in Detroit, MI and 2 are from Texas, which are states that I haven’t even been to before. Whereas I was rejected from Georgetown which is a program in my home area. Its been described that where you get interviews is quite random and I am experiencing that. So far most of the northeast and california schools haven’t sent out invites yet, so I’m hoping that between now and Dec. 3, that I will get at least 7 more interviews. All I can do is wait and pray.

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  1. Taylor Ault says:

    I found this website to be actually quite informative, and just for the sake of irony I’m going to admit that I’m Caucasian. I do have some questions not sure if there stupid questions or not but here it goes. Is participating in a pre med program at a cal state enough to get into med school? Is it frowned upon by not going to a private university or a UC or one of the top colleges that focus in health care etc. I really don’t have any choice but to go to a Cal State because I am in a very crappy financial situation and its all I can afford. I am a senior in highscool and currently I get good grades such as straight A’s and what not but in the past my grades have been horrid due to participating in self destructive behaviors and what not such as smoking and all that stupid teenager stuff. I have never taken any AP classes or anything so am I at a disadvantage compared to students that have?

    My ultimate goal in all of this is to become an army surgeon. Its my ultimate dream and I know I am an extremely dedicated student and human being in general and you seem like you could really give me some really good advice on this stuff. So is there anything I can do to put myself in a better situation? and is my dream possible in my current situation. yeah if you could let me know that would be extremely helpful. Thank You!!!!!

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