Women and Changing Their Last Name

Women and Changing Their Last Name Call me old fashioned, call me a chauvinist, but it is so very hard for me to understand why most women don’t change their name when they get married. Now I understand a couple of things:

1) Some women, especially those already set in their careers, like medicine, don’t change their last name because their patients or clients wouldn’t be able to recognize their new name. That is somewhat understandable.
2) In some cultures, especially the Hispanic ones, the man actually takes on the woman’s last name. So that is cultural, and I understand that

Every other excuse is simply bewildering to me, especially in the American culture. It is not about guys being too prideful. The Hispanic men don’t consider their wives to be too prideful when they ask them to take on their family name. But in a culture where traditionally the wife takes on her husband’s name, I can’t understand the following reasons why women don’t do it:

1) I just really like my last name.
2) My father wants the family name to live on.
3) I’ll just put my last name as my middle name, but I’ll take your last name honey.

None of it makes sense to me. The first explanation above is simply untraditional, and seems to have its roots in feminism. The second explanation makes no logical sense. If the point of hyphenating your last name is to keep your family living on; eventually the name will die, because even if your kids have their last names hyphenated also, when the girl gets married, it will die. If you have a girl name Mary Jones, and she gets married and hyphenates her last name (to allow the name to live on) to Mary Jones-Porter; what happens when Mary Jones-Porter’s daughter gets married? Will her daughter be Sarah Jones-Porter-Williams? NO. She will probably just keep “Williams” like normal people.

Now I would never force someone to take a last name, but I can’t shake the feeling that something just isn’t right about going against this tradition. It’s something that signifies the beginning of a new family, a new lineage, a new dynasty, lol. Anyway, I’ll end my rant.

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