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As you all know, I took Gross Anatomy last year, which allowed me to become a lab instructor for the class. Well, I also lucked out and was able to become the tutor for the class. I know what you are thinking… “Why would you need a tutor for Gross Anatomy?” You techinically don’t, but what I do is created “clinical-case” questions, to steer their mind away from rote memorization, and more towards application. So yeah, I decided to posted some of the questions I’ve made while tutoring. I believe I truly have a gift in figuring out how something horrible can happen to someone, lol. Anyway, see if you can solve them (there may be some typos, but bear with me). A man was walking across a busy street, and unfortunately, he tripped and fell in the street in the prone position. He was killed when cars began to roll over him. When the coroner examines his body, which side of his body will contain tread marks from the tires?
a) posterior
b) anterior
c) frontal
d) two above are correct

Dr. Kennedy, a forensic scientist was scouring the swamps of Huntsville, investigating a missing person’s case. Under some branches, she found a vertebral bone with a bifid spinous process. What kind of vertebral bone was this?
a) coccygeal
b) lumbar
c) cervical
d) thoracic

Bobbie Valentino was shot in the shoulder while participating in mob activities. Surgeons removed the bullet, but a week later, Bobbie still had no ability to move his arm. When surgeons revisited the site they operated on, they found severe scar tissue on the nerves of the brachial plexus. What condition did Bobbie have?
a) neuralgia
b) neuroma
c) neuroplasia
d) neuropraxia

It was winter time in Maryland, and Michael slipped and fell on his back due to black ice. When got up, he could not feel any sensation in his pinky finger, or his medial hand and forearm. What spinal nerve(s) was damaged during his fall?
a) C4-C7
b) C8
c) T6
d) C1-C3

Jonathan came into the hospital complaining of a loss of sensation in his posterior brachium and antebrachium. Sensory nerves supplying these areas are branches of which nerve?
a) median cubital
b) median
c) radial
d) ulnar

Alicia, a freshman, was attempting to sneak out of Carter Hall by jumping out of her 3rd story window. Alicia began to lose her grip and when she was about to fall, her roommate grabbed and held onto her right arm, and after much effort pulled her superiorly back into the room. However, after the incident, Alicia’s hand was frozen in the claw form. This was probably due to an injury to her inferior brachial plexus causing:
a) Erb-Duchenne palsy
b) Bryhert’s paralysis
c) Klumpke paralysis
d) Wingier palsy

John, a professional weight lifter and a steroid addict was attempting to bench press 700 lbs. He was only able to lift the weight halfway before he felt a searing pain in his left chest. The next day, he noticed that his left pectoral wall had a large bulge in it. When he went to his doctor, the doctor knew immediately that what had occurred?
a) avulsion of his pectoralis major muscle
b) avulsion of his deltoid muscle
c) lesion of his long thoracic nerve
d) avulsion of his pectoralis minor muscle

Dr. Brooks, a world renowned surgeon is trying to listen to a patient’s breathing sounds. The area that he would place his stethoscope to listen is bounded by all of the following structures except what?
a) rhomboid minor muscle
b) trapezius muscle
c) scapula bone
d) latissimus dorsi muscle

An HIV positive patient entered the hospital complaining of distinct swelling from his scrotum to his lateral thoracic wall. A biopsy and examination revealed purple, blistering skin, and group A streptococci that had infected his subcutaneous tissue, but not his muscle tissue. Surgeon’s proceeded to remove the patient’s subcutaneous fascia from his scrotum to his lateral thoracic wall. What condition did this patient have?
a) necrotizing fasciitis
b) pectoral edema
c) scrotal cancer
d) parasitic infection

Hulk Hogan, a professional wrestler, has Jake the Snake in an arm hold, and is attempting to twist his arm laterally until the wrestler gives in. Which ligaments are preventing Jake the Snake’s arm from extreme lateral rotation?
a) superior glenohumoral ligament
b) inferior glenohumoral ligament
c) middle glenohumoral ligament
d) all of the above
e) none of the above

Tina noticed a large lump on her breast, and went into her doctor to get it examined. Her doctor performed a biopsy, and they found that it was an extremely malignant tumor. During the radical mastectomy performed, the surgeon unknowingly severed Tina’s long thoracic nerve. What can result from this severance?
a) impaired abduction of arm
b) edema of pectoralis major muscle
c) tachycardia
d) winging of scapula

A patient entered the hospital complaining of not being able to move their head or neck. An MRI was performed, and it was seen that there was a lesion to the nerve supplying the multifidus and semispinalis muscles. Which nerve has a lesion?
a) thoracoacromial nerve
b) dorsal scapular nerve
c) accessory nerve
d) dorsal primary rami of spinal nerves

Chad from San Bernadino was surfing when suddenly a shark, mistaking him for a seal took a bite out of Chad’s inferolateral back. In the surgical recovery unit, doctors were attempting to save Chad’s life but he was having serious trouble breathing on his own. What muscle injured in the shark attack could cause this?
a) trapezius
b) serratus posterior inferior
c) latissimus dorsi
d) longissimus

Lauren Alexerson, was camping at the rock quarry when a bear attacked her. The bear latched onto her arm, and was trying to rip it off. What structure (s) are mainly keeping her humerus attached to her glenoid cavity?
a) glenohumoral ligaments
b) rotator cuff muscle
c) teres minor muscle
d) brachial plexus

Trina, a phlebotomist is drawing blood from a patient. What would be her normal vein of choice to draw the blood from?
a) cephalic vein
b) median cubital vein
c) basilic vein
d) axillary vein

James Bond was brought into the hospital after being shot in his shoulder. In order to operate on the damaged brachial plexus, the surgeon, Dr. Brooks cut into Bond’s axillary floor which is formed by the axillary fascia. This fascia is continuous with the fascia surrounding which muscle?
a) serratus anterior
b) subclavius
c) pectoralis major
d)external oblique

Dr. Brooks, a world renowned neurosurgeon, was operating on a patient who had severe head trauma due to a car accident. As he was operating, trying to stop all of the bleeding vessels, who came upon an area bounded by the rectus capitis posterior major, obliquus capitis inferior, semispinalis capitis, and longissimus capitis muscles. Which structure below can be found in this area?
a) axillary artery
b) medial nerve
c) subclavian artery
d) subocciptal nerve

The average resting heart rate for a man is 70 beats/min. Which type of nerves control this constant beating of the heart?
a) lymphatic
b) autonomic
c) somatic
d) sensory

Suzie was rushed to the hospital after passing out. World renowned neurosurgeon, Dr. Ruglass, discovered that Suzie had a bacterial infection of her central nervous system (CNS). Which structures could the bacterial infection possibly be found in?
a) motor neurons in the hand
b) spinal cord
c) median nerve
d) brachial plexus

Dr. Brooks, a world renowned surgeon, also happens to be a handy man around the house. He is screwing some screws into the wall to hang a painting on that his wife bought. As he is making the turning motions with his arm while screwing, what is the principal muscle that is allowing supination of his arm?
a) long head of triceps brachii muscle
b) latissimus dorsi muscle
c) biceps brachii muscle
d) coracobrachialis muscle

A patient entered the hospital, complaining of not being able to move his arm. The examining physician found that the patient could not flex his arm at all. Which muscle is definitely not causing this lack of flexion?
a) triceps brachii
b) biceps brachii
c) brachialis
d) coracobrachialis

Trent broke his wrist after dunking on Gerard during a basketball game. At the emergency room, the physician noticed that his flexor retinaculum was completely torn. What fascia forms this retinaculum?
a) clavipectoral
b) brachial
c) pectoral
d) antebrachial

Lauren, a housewife, started to act up, which caused her loving husband to slap her a couple of times. The pain caused by the slap of her husband was transmitted to which part of Lauren’s spinal cord?
a) dorsal root neurons
b) dura matter
c) ventral root neurons
d) two above are correct

A woman was involved in terrible car accident, and was rush into the emergency room. Upon examination, the trauma surgeon saw that the woman was leaking CSF from her head wound. Which layer surrounding her brain must be perforated in order to leak CSF?
a) dura mater
b) arachnoid mater
c) pia mater
d) two above are correct

A gang member was stabbed in his back, at the level of his filum terminale; permanently paralyzing his legs. The filum terminale is an extension of which layer surrounding his spinal cord?
a) dura mater
b) pia mater
c) arachnoid
d) none of the above

Alex Collins, a NBA basketball player, was mugged and beat by a female gang, while walking to his car. When he entered the hospital, the doctor asked Alex to abduct his arm, while the doctor pushed in the opposite direction. Alex couldn’t abduct his arm; which nerve was damaged during the mugging?
a) suprascapular
b) axillary
c) dorsal scapular
d) thoracoacromial

Dr. Brooks, a world renowned surgeon was operating on Ms. Hamilton to fix her carpal tunnel problem. As he opened the patient’s carpal tunnel, what nerve did he find traveling through it?
a) ulnar nerve
b) radial nerve
c) median nerve
d) musculocutaneous nerve

Ronnel proposed to Telissa at their college banquet. When Ronnel went down on one knee, Telissa’s heart rate increased 10 fold. Which autonomic system decreased her heart rate once the whole proposal was over?
a) parasympathetic
b) sympathetic
c) two above are correct
d) none are correct

Alex Goodman ran into some money problems, and took a loan from the Huntsville mob. When he couldn’t repay the loan, the mobsters put a bullet into his elbow. Which of the following are proximal to his injured elbow?
a) phalanges
b) metacarpals
c) glenoid cavity
d) hook of hamate
e) two above are correct

Little baby Zavier was born with a protrusion of his spinal cord and meninges. As Dr. Collins is writing up his notes on the baby, what should he call the condition that the baby has?
a) meningitis
b) meningocele
c) avulsion of meninges
d) meningomycele

Keisha came into the hospital, after being mauled by a rabid dog. The dog chewed through most of her forearm, and at the hospital the orthopedic surgeon was attempting to save it. Keisha’s radius was only being held onto the ulna by a thin sheath of connect tissue called?
a) antebrachial fascia
b) brachial fascia
c) interosseus membrane
d) extensor retinaculum

Jack was lifting a 400 lb. drum of Vaseline onto a truck when he suddenly felt a sharp pain in his back. He went to the doctor, and the doctor x-rayed Jack’s back. The doctor found that Jack has a slipped disk. What is happening?
a) annulus fibrosus is protruding through the nucleus pulposus and compressing the spinal cord
b) spinal cord is protruding into the annulus fibrosus
c) nucleus pulposus is protruding into the annulus fibrosus, and compressing the spinal nerve root
d) two of the above are correct

Christopher was diagnosed with thyroid cancer by world renowned oncologist, Dr. Limerick. The cancer is survivable, but his survival rate will significantly decrease if the cancer metastasizes into the nervous system via what structure?
a) axillary lymph node
b) abdominal aorta
c) vertebral venous plexus
d) brachial plexus

Ms. Merriweather went to her doctor because she thought she might have carpal tunnel from constantly typing. The carpal tunnel is formed by what two structures?
a) carpals, extensor retinaculum
b) metacarpals, flexor retinaculum
c) carpals, antebrachial fascia
d) carpals, flexor retinaculum

Dr. Brooks just bought his 2013 BMW 760Li. As he was waiting at a light, another driver rear ended Dr. Brooks, causing Dr. Brooks to have severe whip lash. The junction of which spinal nerves was most likely injured during the accident?
a) C2-C3
b) C7-T1
c) C4-C5
d) C1-C2

Dr. Brooks, a world renowned surgeon is teaching an anatomy class at the Vanderbilt School of Medicine. As he is helping a student dissect, he finds an artery, accompanied by a nerve piercing the trapezius muscle and supplying the posterior scalp region. What artery is this?
a) dorsal scapular
b) occipital
c) axillary
d) thoracoacromial

Mr. Boston was checking out a girl on campus with an appealing, protruding, gluteus maximus. In reality, her gluteus maximus could be protruding due lordosis, which is an exaggeration in which vertebral curvature?
a) cervical
b) lumbar
c) thoracic
d) coccygeal

John Gotti, a mobster, paid a visit to Alex who had not paid up on his loan. To show Alex how serious he was, he put a bullet into Alex’s elbow. What type of joint did John just destroy with his gun?
a) pivot
b) ball and socket
c) hinge
d) saddle

During a practicum test a Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, the teacher had an individual deltoid muscle sitting on the table, with its muscle fibers intersecting with the its tendon at an angle. What type of shape is this?
a) flat
b) fusiform
c) pennate
d) quadrangular

A drive-by shooting occurred on Jordan lane. A patient came in who was hit by a bullet. Upon examination, the physicians observed that the bullet had completely shattered his clavicle. What structure is deep this his shattered clavicle?
a) trapezius muscle
b) subclavius muscle
c) subscapularis muscle
d) manubrium bone

Johnny was born paralyzed from his waist down. When a computed tomography (CT) scan was performed, which vertebral curvature was not present?
a) cervical
b) lumbar
c) thoracic
d) sacral

A local gang member was rushed into the hospital after being assaulted with a bat. Upon examination, the doctor discovers that one of the bat blows shattered the gang member’s scapular spine. What does this spine separate?
a) Subscapular fossa and supraspinous fossa
b)Supraspinous fossa, and infraspinous fossa
c) infraspinous fossa and inferior border of scapula
d) infraspinous fossa and subscapular fossa

1) A man came into the hospital after getting his arm caught in a train and being dragged for a considerable distance. His shoulder was dislocated, so doctors put it back in place. Immediately the arm popped back out of the socket. What muscles were damaged during the horrible accident?
a) infraspinatus, subscapularis, teres minor
b) infraspinatus, teres major, deltoid
c) infraspintaus, supraspinatus, rhomboid major
d) subscapularis, deltoid, teres minor

2) A man fell from his roof onto his back and was rushed to the hospital. A prick test was down with a needle and it revealed that the patient had no sensation on his scapular regions. Which vertebrae and their corresponding nerves may have been damaged during the fall?
a) C1- C3
B) T7-L1
C) C4-C8
D) C3-C4

3) A diabetic woman’s scapular muscles have atrophied due to lack of blood supply. Which artery if damaged could affect the blood supply of all of the scapular muscles?
A) Dorsal scapular
B) Thoracodorsal
C) Suprascapular
D) Axillary

4) Suzie is a track runner, but one day she forgot to wear her sport’s bra. As she was running, her coach noticed that Suzie’s breast where bouncing more than usual. What gives Suzie’s breast the freedom of movement?
A) Pectoralis major muscle
B) Breast tissue
C) Retromammary space
D) Clavipectoral fascia

5) A woman came into the hospital complaining of pain in her breast. Upon examination, the doctor finds severe edema of her breast. What structure is malfunctioning?
A) Retromammary space
B) Lactiferous ducts
C) Nipples
D) Areola

A patient was rushed to the emergency room after being shot in the shoulder. Before surgery the doctor examined his arm and they found that the patient could feel them every time they pricked his arm with a pin. But when they asked him to move his arm, he couldn’t do it by himself. The branches of what nerve area has been damaged?
a) apical nerves
b) brachial plexus
c) spinal nerves L1-L3
d) posterior humeral circumflex

11) A bacterial infection has taken control in Suzie’s breast tissue. Antibiotics were given, which travel through the blood stream. If the antibiotics are traveling through the axillary artery towards the breast, through which arteries in the breast will they diffuse out of to reach the bacterial infection?
a)Lateral thoracic artery
b) anterior circumflex humeral artery
c) thoracoacromial artery
d) Two above are correct
e) None above are correct

6) Quantasia got into a major car accident but escaped without any bruises. Later that day as she was performing a self-breast exam, she noticed that as she palpated her breast that there was no sensation at all. What spinal nerves may be have injured during the car accident without her knowledge?
a) C1-C5
b) T7- T12
c) T4-T6
d) C6-C7

7) Janice was just diagnosed with breast cancer. Which system, if affected by the cancerous cells, will significantly increase her chances of the cancer metastasizing.
a) endocrine
b) skeletal
c) lymphatic
d) epithelial

8) Dr. Brooks, a world renowned surgeon is performing a mastectomy on a female patient. In mastectomies, it is common to remove the underlying pectoralis major muscle also, to prevent the spread of cancer. As Dr. Brooks is removing the pectoralis major muscle he sees two nerves piercing it. What are these nerves?
a) lateral and medial pectoral
b) thoracoacromial and posterior humeral circumflex
c) dorsal scapular and lateral thoracic
d) lateral pectoral and thoracoacromial

9) Dr. Brooks, a world renowned surgeon is still performing his mastectomy. He realizes that the pectoralis minor muscle is also at risk for becoming cancerous, so he decides to remove it also. But first, he has to remove the dense fascia covering the muscle; what is this fascia called?
a) deltopectoral sheath
b) clavipectoral fascia
c) thoracoacromial endomysium
d) pectoral fascia

10) After a drive by shooting, a patient entered the hospital, with a bullet lodged in his chest area. The world renowned surgeon, Dr. Brooks, removed the bullet making sure that he didn’t cut the nerve supply to the pectoralis major during the surgery. What nerve was he making sure not to cut?
a)lateral pectoral
b) axillary
c) medial pectoral
d) two are correct

11) Dr. Collins, a world renowned orthopedic surgeon receives a patient that was hit in the chest with a bat. He notices that the patient’s scapula isn’t being held snug to the posterior ribcage. What muscle was damaged during the bat accident?
a) teres major
b) serratus anterior
c) pectoralis major
d) subscapularis

Jared developed localized necrotizing fasciitis in his femoral sheath. After about 2 days all the tissue and structures that the femoral sheath surrounded had become necrotic. Which structure below would still be viable after the disease had run its course?
a) femoral nerve
b) femoral artery
c) femoral vein
d) femoral canal

Lauren Pedersen-Buck-Alexander was skiing in the French Alps with her rich husband when slammed into a tree, shattering her femur at the neck. As the orthopedic surgeons operated on her leg, they noticed two arteries traveling around the neck of the femur and anastomosing with each other. Which arteries were these?
a) external and internal pudendal
b) lateral and medial femoral circumflex
c) superficial and deep iliac circumflex
d) medial and lateral profunda femoris

Donnell was undergoing a vasectomy surgery, due to the large about of kids he had already. As his surgeon was cutting through his inguinal ligament, he noticed a nerve traveling underneath the inguinal ligament, just medial to his ASIS. Which nerve was this?
a) anterior cutaneous branch of femoral nerve
b) lateral gluteal cutaneous nerve
c) sciatic nerve
d) lateral cutaneous nerve of thigh

Lauren was attempting to shave her pubic hair with a razor. As she shaved her inner thigh, her hand slipped and the razor plunged into her thigh. At the hospital the surgeon noticed that she had severed the cutaneous nerve traveling between her adductor longus and brevis muscles. Which nerve was this?
a) cutaneous branch of obturator nerve
b) saphenous nerve
c) lateral cutaneous branch of obturator nerve
d) lateral cutaneous nerve of thigh

Gerard awoke one morning and realized that he didn’t have any sensation over his anterior scrotum. He frantically went to see his urologist; after a series of tests, the urologist discovered that he had lesion on which nerve?
a) inguinal nerve
b) anterior scrotal branch of femoral nerve
c) genital branch of gentofemoral nerve
d) 2 of the above

Morgan was fishing off the side of her boat when she decided to cool her feet in the surrounding water. As her feet dangled over the side of the boat, a great white shark chomped her right leg, completely detaching it from her body. At the hospital, doctors noticed that the only ligament still intact at her hip joint was “Y” shaped. Which ligament was this?
a) pubofemoral
b) ilofemoral-
c) ischiofemoral
d) combination of two above

Through attachments of the sacrospinous ligament to the _________ , the greater sciatic foramen is formed, in which the sciatic nerve travels to enter the gluteal region.
a) pubic symphsis
b) ala of ilium bone
c) ischial spine
d) lunate surface of acetabulum

Which of the following nerves do not supply the gluteal region?
a) sciatic-
b) inferior clunial
c) nerve to the quadratus femoris
d) nerve to the obturator internus

Kedon, a hot-shot motorcyclist, was riding in the mountains when he lost control of his bike. He slid on his gluteal region for several hundred ft. before he finally came to a stop. At the hospital, the surgeon noticed that Kedon has completely lost the ability to laterally rotate his leg. What is the innervation of the muscle that was damaged during the accident?
a) superior gluteal nerve
b) sciatic nerve
c) posterior circumflex femoral nerve
d) inferior gluteal nerve

Carolyn developed a nasty itch on the dermis surrounding her intergluteal cleft. Which cutaneous nerves allow her to feel the inflammation in her intergluteal cleft?
a) lateral clunial
b) medial clunial
c) medial gluteal cutaneous
d) superficial circumflex humoral

Julian was excreting urine in the woods during a road trip, when he was suddenly castrated by a black bear searching for food. Which of the following arteries supplied the area that was now part of the bear’s lunch?
a) artery to the obturator internus
b) superior gluteal
c) internal pudendal
d) artery to the quadratus femoris

Trent was playing Donell in a game of one on one basketball. Trent crossed Donell so quickly that Donell avulsed his iliotibial tract from its distal attachment point. What is this attachment point?
a) tibial tuberosity
b) lateral condyle of tibia
c) medial condyle of tibia
d) supracondylar ridge of tibia

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