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My fiancée received an interview invitation from Howard!!!!!!!!!! I know that this really may not amount to anything because its so late, but it is still exciting because that means I could possibly come home for medical school if she gets accepted!!! Her interview is on March 6 (while we are home for spring break), so we will be hoping and praying that everything works out. You know, life is interesting. In fact, this whole medical process is interesting. There are joys, pains, crying, uncertainty, moments of confidence, humbling experiences, etc. I know that I am more than blessed to have received scholarships from Maryland and LLU. But neither of those doors seem open right now, and Meharry has mentioned nothing about any money lately. I’ve realized that this medical school application process requires a ton of WAITING. Waiting for interview invitations, waiting for acceptances, waiting for scholarships, waiting for rejection letters, waiting for waitlist letters, etc. For a while, I was waiting for a response from Meharry about how the conflict with Meharry’s early start time with our wedding would be worked out. This is what was written back to me:

I spoke to the course coordinator for the MAPS program and obtained the following dates:

MAPS Program starts June 18th thru July 27th
Break: July 30th – Aug 5th
Classes start at 8:00 am Aug 6th

Dr. Williams will not be able to discuss “special” arrangements until you are enrolled. Her office has reported this to me.
I hope this information is helpful to you.
Allen D. Mosley

And below is an e-mail I received back from a current 1st year at Meharry after I had asked her some questions:

Well, missing two weeks of the program will not hurt you. Like she said, the first couple of days are orientation things. The way they did it for our class was the Biochemistry did not count towards anything. It was just time to learn the fundamentals. To me it was a re cap of the whole year of information that you would have learned in Biochem at Oakwood. The anatomy class was the upper limb block. The teacher didn’t decide that it was going to count until the last couple of weeks before the end of last semester. So I don’t know if he has changed how he is going to do things or what his exact plan for this summers maps class will be.

But their is a girl who missed the summer program (which is mandatory for medical students by the way) and she felt it hurt her when it came to finals because she never really had a chance to fully learn the leg. You are correct in saying that the information is not repeated and it is included in block and final exams which is why they deem it mandatory for us. But you can always call and ask questions to see what can be worked out. I don’t think it would be smart to miss the whole program, it will put you behind in the fall semester work.

So basically this means that we actually have no idea whether things will be worked out for our wedding until May 15, when we have to officially choose a school. This means that we wouldn’t be able to go on the mission to Zimbabwe, we would have to drive home and get more wedding planning done, drive back down to Nashville to start the MAPS program on June 18, fly back home a couple of days before our wedding on July 8, skip the honeymoon [to avoid missing class], and come back to school. It isn’t exactly the ideal situation I pictured when I thought of my wedding, but I guess that’s life. Even if the administrators there are able to work out special arrangements for my fiancée and I and we were allowed to go on our honeymoon, we would still be missing a least a week of class. Now I know that when I missed a week of class due to med school interviews I was set back pretty seriously. I don’t even want to know what missing a week of medical school would do to me. So yeah, we are very thankful that we are accepted someplace together, but Meharry’s early start date is looking a little scary for our wedding plans.

With my fiancee’s recent interview invitation to Howard, my dreams of going to the University of Maryland have been slightly rekindled. I began to do some searching, and I found the current class schedule for their first year class. Check it out,1. I’ve just never seen a nicer schedule than this. Basically you have freedom after 12 noon, and you can use that time to study or something else that you are interested in. Comepare that to LLU’s schedule: LLU SCHEDULE, and you can see how much more free time that you have. So yeah, if LLU doesn’t come through for my fiancée, but Howard does, then I would go to Maryland, she would go to Howard, and we would buy a house in the middle. But at this point, the only open door is Meharry, so that is where I’m headed.

P.S.- I’ve decided that after every post, I’m going to have a little Bible verse. I hope it encourages some folks.

In his heart a man plans his course, but the LORD determines his steps. Proverbs 16:9
A man’s steps are directed by the LORD. How then can anyone understand his own way? Proverbs 20:24

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