NRMP Rank List Deadline: 2/23/11 @ 9 p.m. EST

The deadline to submit my rank list on the NRMP website just passed about 2 hrs ago, and I am truly relieved that now neither myself or the programs can change our lists. Now we both wait to see if the Match process will give us who we want. Of course it is no secret that I want to match at Johns Hopkins. I believe that God has already worked this out, so now I just need to wait and pray. The computer has probably already run the match algorithim and finished matching everyone. So why does it take another 3 weeks to get us our results? Well from what I have heard, they double check everything to make sure that when I open my letter on March 17, that the right program appears there. Also, its the NRMP that prints out the match letters and they mail it to every medical school. So I guess all that mailing and shipping takes time too. Honestly, we should just find out immediately via computer. No need to drag it out and have an official ceremony, but such is life. So with that said, below is my final certified rank list:


I got a total of 15 interview invitations. The places I turned down were Hamot, NYMC-Westchester, University of Maryland, and Wayne State University. I had to turn down the first 3 programs because they only interviewed on the Sabbath and would not change their date for me. And Wayne State’s interview conflicted with another program that I preferred more, so I had to cancel that one. Looking at the AAMC Charting Outcomes document, if I had actually gone to all 15 interviews, I would have had about a 97% chance of matching. However, because I honored God by deciding not to interview on the Sabbath, I believe that I now have a 100% chance of matching.I really can’t wait to see what God is going to do in 3 weeks!

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  1. Mollyw says:

    Your faith throughout this process has been totally encouraging.
    A true testimony of when you obey God, He works everything out perfectly.

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