I am finally at peace….and it feels wonderful. When I started this process I had a plan, that I was sure was sound enough that God would fall in line and implement. But as I was brought to realize…my plans don’t matter. All you can do is try your hardest to do well in school, study as hard as you can for the MCAT, participate in meaningful (to you) activities, and apply; the rest is in God’s hands and you just have to wait for the open doors to appear. At this point, my fiancée and I are still headed to Meharry. The prospects of going there are a little better because of the scholarship which would definitely help us decrease our overall debt. The Director of Admissions from the Loma Linda SOM, Dr. Nyirady, was at my school today, holding interviews and giving a presentation on LLU. We got a chance to talk to him and the news isn’t bad, and it at least gives us more of an idea of where we are. He said that basically they are pairing my fiancée against other applicants and trying to see which of them would best fit at LLU. He said that we should definitely have an answer from them by this month. Since they normally meet during the 3rd week of each month, and start calling folks that are accepted on the Friday of that week, we are hoping for a call on April 20th. He also said that by their meeting this month, they would have made all decisions on who is accepted, waitlisted, or rejected; so letters and calls would start going out. He said that as people start dropping their acceptances at LLU, they will begin the process of accepting people off the waitlist. By that time, we also should have gotten in contact with Howard to see what my fiancee’s status there is; so April may be a good month or a slightly disappointing month. One thing that Dr. Nyirady did say was that he can’t see why the admissions committee wouldn’t accept her, but he has been surprised before, so we shouldn’t be overly optimistic. I’ve already passed that stage; all I can do is wait patiently and pray.

I am 110% geeked (I’ve never used this word before) about going to the Society for Black Academic Surgeons (SBAS) conference. The event newsletter can be found HERE, but basically most of the activities will be held in the ballrooms of the AMERICAN COLLEGE OF SURGEONS!!! I didn’t even know that the ACS was in Chicago, let alone attached to the hotel that the conference is at. I was told that the venue is business casual, and anyone that knows me knows that I normally dress DOWN (only t-shirts, jeans, and shorts). My fiancée took advantage of the opportunity and took me to Men’s Warehouse to try on “business casual” clothes and my goodness…you practically have to own a business to afford that stuff. A blazer costs $220, and pants cost $49 each, and ties cost $20 (economy), etc. She said that I looked good, but I’ll just try to wear the clothes I have at the conference. My mentor, who invited me out to the conference is also hooking me up with an Adventist surgery resident that is going, so I can go to church on Saturday. Overall, I’m really excited about the program, and I promise to take as many pictures as I can without looking like a tourist. Senioritis is hitting hard and I’m not fighting it very hard. I have a serious ACS exam in Biochemistry coming up, and I have 2 papers to finish, so I’ll have to buckle down and actually do some work. My last day of class of my college career is on April 27; after that I take finals between April 30 and May 4; and on May 12th I graduate!!! Stay tuned for some hopefully thoughtful posts on my life in college as I look back on everything that has taken place. Take care! You will keep in perfect peace him whose mind is steadfast, because he trusts in you” Isaiah 26:3

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