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So I was reading a paper written by Dr. Augustus White III, M.D., entitled: Compassionate patient care and personal survival in orthopaedics. A 35-year perspective. Dr. White is not only a prominent name among minority orthopods but in the entire field itself. With that said, I was reading his paper and he had a wonderful quote in it from a lecture that Sir William Osler gave at Yale in 1913 that I wanted to share because I plan to live by it for the rest of my career:

“I have held four professorships in medicine. I have written a successful textbook. You would think a man with these achievements might be some kind of genius or have some special gift, but this is not true. These things were accomplished without any unusual talent. I am going to tell you how I acheieved these things, and you may not believe me, but I am going to tell you anyway because there may be at least one person here who will believe me. I am not brilliant…What I have done is to simply follow this dictum: Do today’s work today.”

It is so true that we can accomplish so much more if we just do today’s work today, without the constant evil of procrastination. So this will be my mantra from here on out. If it worked for Dr. Osler it can certainly work for me.

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