DoctaJay, M.D.


On Sunday I left my short white coat behind and became a man, lol also known as a Doctor of Medicine. I walked across the stage, received my diploma and just like that became a doctor. After the ceremony many family members and friends asked me, “How does it feel to finally be a doctor?” And to be honest the only answer that really fit was, “It feels weird.”

I was sitting down talking with my wife who also got her M.D. this past Sunday about how she felt and she agreed with my answer. All our lives we have worked towards one goal, and that goal was to become a doctor. As we tried to get to that final goal of becoming a doctor we had multiple mini goals that had to be reached: 1. Go to a good college 2. take the required science classes and be at the top of the class 3. Do college research during the summer instead of chilling at the beach like your classmates 4. Get involved with some community service project in order show that your have a heart with that brain of yours 5. Study for the MCAT 6. Do well on the MCAT 7. Get into medical school 8. Do well on step 1 9. Do well on step 2 10.spend $5000+ applying for a residency spot 11. Match into a residency spot hopefully in the field that you prefer and hopefully in the city that you prefer.

I have always had a goal to look forward to, and now that I have reached the final one my mind screams, “What’s the next goal?” “Are you sure there is nothing more to stress about?!” Now of course there is still residency, and I am sure that Hopkins will give me enough goals to reach but it just isn’t the same as medical school. Residency will have much less tests (probably 1-2 per year) and will require more self learning.

Either way I am confident that I will not feel like a doctor until I get my long white coat and see my first patient on July 1st. But I praise God that He brought my wife and I through this process with so many positive experiences and so many testimonies. I earnestly look forward to the next phase in our lives and am excited to see what work God has for me at my new residency.

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  1. anonymous says:

    congratulations!! what is your wife doing her residency in, and is she in hopkins as well?

  2. Bobby says:

    Congrats on Matching at Hopkins. Im an Anesthesiology resident here. Intern year is a BEAST dude. U will constantly be humbled, but Im certain you will be just fine. Im certain ill see you around the OR. Best of Luck!

  3. Kenya says:

    Congratulations to you and your wife! I’m glad to know things have worked out well for the both of you after such long hard work and diligence. Was wondering if you know of any support groups for those of our sisters and brothers aspiring to be physician but who don’t “Match” on the first or second try in residency and who need assistance and support in finding other options. Thanks

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