First Week on Ortho Trauma

So my honeymoon is over. This past week marked the beginning of my 2.5 months of orthopaedic trauma and it is a doozy. I had to think so much on my first day that I had a headache by 10 a.m. This past Friday was especially crazy since I had the floor pager, the ED consult pager, and my personal pager on my hip…all of them going off every 20 min. As I would be walking to a certain floor to check the wound of such and such patient, I would get a page on another pager about a patient in the ED with knee pain, then as I start walking towards to the ER I would get another page about patient so and so having lots of pain.

It was really challenging this week to decide which page would get my attention first. I suppose I will get more efficient at everything, but its pretty amazing how I never really understood how much you work as a resident until I started. After a full stressful day of floor work or ER consults, I can see how you can fall into the trap of using profanity all the time or drinking your sorrows away.

Either way I am just praying that God gives me strengths using these next couple of months.

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  1. Path201X says:

    I’ve followed your career since you were premed (on SDN) and I’m so happy to hear about all the success you’ve had with both career and family!!!!!!

    All the best for the future!


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