I demand proceeds




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I was notified by one of the nurses at Johns Hopkins Bayview that I was on their website. I don’t ever remember a picture being taken of me so I joked and said that she needs to stop getting all of us black people mixed up. Well low and behold, she emailed me to URL and I am on their website, doing what I always do, working on my iPad mini. I don’t even remember a camera man being on the floor. Hopefully I will be receiving a cut of the profits that this picture is sure to bring lol.

Now that I am a PGY 3, I have more time to actually breath. I hope to blog much more than last year and hopefully in my next post I will be able to talk a bit about the hell of my just finished PGY2 year.

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  1. Gustave says:

    Dr. Brooks,

    Thank you for sharing these pics. All three pictures in the screenshot look really cool. They make one forget, if only for a moment, the real business of medicine; where very sick people undergo surgeries, are been medically treated or where loved ones receive bad news. Or occasionally, given your surgical talents, the nurses’ quick thinking, a bit of good news.

    Your blogs, then and now, yield a certain energy, a healthy love for medicine and the individual himself, along with his wife, seem such down to earth folks. Now why aren’t the detrimental TV shows motivating young folks with your stories; stories that are shock-full of motivational tidbits?

    May you and your wife continue to inspire and hopefully, the youths who lack direction in their lives will be inspired. The nontraditional students will find motivation again. Indeed, the United States can be great again. One individual at a time, despite our differences.

    I wish you continued success!

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