I’m currently sitting in the airport in New Orleans after the 2014 AAOS Annual Meeting and I must admit that I’m entering a better stage of clarity in regards to what I want to do and be when I grow up. One of the main questions that need to be answered  as a resident first is what sub-specialty are you interested in and next and equally important is whether you want to go into private or academics. I’m currently on my Foot and Ankle rotation at Union Memorial Hospital and its very cool. I can honestly say that I’m finally understanding the biomechanics of the foot and ankle and the various tendons that run through it. A significant amount of our residents have decided to pursue Foot & Ankle for fellowship due to the combination of the great teachers we have in residency, the nice lifestyle, and the great compensation. I could possibly see myself doing Foot & Ankle, but I don’t like the idea of being limited to one area of the body, and I also don’t like diabetic feet. So I have basically been between Spine and Peds, and I’m pretty comfortable now with the concept of doing Peds Ortho with a emphasis on Peds Spine. When I consider taking care of kids it just plain make me more happy, and thats what matters it the end. And if I do Peds I still get to do Foot and Ankle procedures, I still get to work on the hip, I still get to work on the pelvis, I still get to do trauma, I still get a little long term follow-up, etc. Its just seems perfect. I’m happy to know what I will hopefully be when I grow up and now efforts need to be focused on applying for fellowship and successfully matching. The madness never stops!

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