Santo Domingo

Once again I am writing this post in an airport. I’m currently on my way to Santo Domingo, in the Dominican Republic for a 10 day mission trip. There is a hospital there dedicated primarily to pediatric orthopaedics, and my mentor from Loma Linda as well as a great peds orthopod from Ohio will be there to show me what missionary life overseas can be like. Of course I’ve gone on multiple missions before, but never from a true medical/orthopaedic standpoint. I’m really excited to meet the patients, I’m excited to see their lives changed after their limbs are fixed, and I hopeful that I might make good contacts so that I can return when I am done with my training.

Otherwise, I am now a PGY-4 resident and that technically makers me a senior resident, which is crazy to even hear the words coming out of my mouth. I still remember seriously questioning my decision to go into orthopaedics after multiple crazy nights of call and stress during my PGY2 year. At that time, it seemed like the end of the tunnel was so far away and that I would never get close to achieving my goal. Now that goal is closer than ever and I’m even about to start applying for fellowship this upcoming September. All I can say is that God is good, and faithful, and He sustains you through any and all trials…truly. I will post more, once I get back from the trip.

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