Fellowship Application Submitt

So after much deliberation and advice from numerous residents and fellowships I have finally submitted my application for a fellowship in Pediatric Orthopaedics. It cost $100 to apply and $60 for up to 10 programs. Initially I was going to go all “Residency Applicant Mode” and apply to all of the programs, but sound advice from a choice few steered me away from this path. Fellowship is just a different beast from applying for residency and there is often no need to go crazy like that, especially for residents coming from U.S. programs.

I will keep you all posted on how the process goes overall. Last week I also turned 29 years old and while a part of me feels a bit old, I can’t say that I have wasted too much time since I left for college so many years ago. I praise God for bringing my wife and I so far from two high school kids in “love/like” to two MDs with two cute kids. I can’t understand why God is so good to His children, but I won’t ask Him to take any of it back.

Also my research block is over starting tomorrow and I will be thrown back into hospital fray. Gone is the bliss of waking up at 8 am, and writing papers and book chapters in my underwear. Oddly I am happy to be operating again even though that means less sleep. Probably most surgical residents coming off research would say the same. Either way I’m counting down to 2016 when this will all be over.

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  1. Kizner says:

    Dr. Brooks, you are such an inspiration to me! I’m in nursing school now with a goal to be a CRNA (anesthesia), I often wonder how you and wife do it. My wife and I have a beautiful daughter and another baby on the way and we had our share of challenges (she loves to hear from me about your family as she’s also a follower of God/Jesus); I once was but perhaps was never fully solid in the scriptures. I’ve been following your career development since SDN (I have not been on there in a LONG time) but I remember those days (2006-2007ish). Since then you and I have married our charming girlfriends, and are raising kids. My wife and I saw the “four years of medical school” documentary by Loma Linda and I still get a enjoy to see you and your wife (I even like the little background music that adds to the suspense) talk about your future careers!

    As I’ve said before in one of my comments (on this blog), yours are the stories that inspire me or those of accomplished men and women I’ve read about in textbooks or “YouTube” videos (physics, medicine, chemistry, mathematics etc…) whenever time permits. The resilience you show, nonetheless, is all the same. Happy late birthday Dr. Brooks and I wish you and wife continued success (despite the many challenges I’m sure are there).

    À bientôt!

    • DoctaJay says:

      Wow, thank you Kizner for your comments. I really wish that I had time to blog as much as I want to because there are so many more testimonies I want to share about what God has done for us. CRNAs that we work with at Hopkins are awesome so congratulations on starting your journey. Please keep me in touch on how everything is going!

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