It’s a new year and what looms on the horizon for my family is my 2 year old son starting pre-K in August. Now that may seem very far off for you, but when you have a stubborn 2 year old who doesn’t want to be potty trained, and being potty trained is a requirement for starting school, you are forced to start brainstorming early. It took my daughter probably 1 month to actually potty train; for my son its like pulling teeth. Finally we started to make some headway when we basically put a 40 minute timer on our iPhones. For Sunday, when we were both home, we basically made him sit down to pee every 40 minutes and you would have thought we were abusing him with all the crying and whining that occurred. We coupled this with basically keeping his pull-up diapers off for the entire day. After a couple of episodes of cleaning up poop and piss from the floor I had just about given up. I turned on the TV and sat down with him, sulking in my defeat. Then 10 minutes later, out of no where, he said the magical words every new parent wants to hear, “Daddy I think I need to pee pee.” I picked his body up and raced to the bathroom and started to sit him down on the toilet so he could start, but he protested saying, “Daddy, I want to stand up like you when I pee.” Now his manhood doesn’t quite reach over the toilet given that he’s 2, so I had him stand on the rim, and he peed like a champ!!!!!!!!

Its experiences like this that make you so happy to be a parent; to see your child progress and learn despite of how good or bad of a parent you can be at times. I look forward to all the things my son will continue to do now that he has started off right with standing up and peeing like a man grown.

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