My LAST Finals Week (in college)

It feels so sweet to be officially done with class for college FOREVER (unless I fail my finals, lol). That may not be too far off since that nasty inflammation, senioritis, is hitting me harder than ever. I knocked out a World Religions final today, and I have Biochemistry and Cellular and Moleculer Biology finals coming up. Honestly, I’ve been busy playing with the new WordPress SDN Blogs format and setting up accounts for new bloggers.

I am still on cloud 9, and continually praising the Lord that He got my fiancee into medical school at Loma Linda. Even though we were praying for 6 months, God comes through exactly when He needs to. Now, since Brittany (my fiancee) is busy with wedding planning, I have to figure out how to (in a cost effective manner), transport our belongings from Maryland to California. Rent is absolutely ridiculous there, with $1,300 being a “good” price for a 2 bedroom apartment. We are hoping to possibly rent a University owned house for like $700/month, but we’ll have to wait and see how that works out.

I’ve successful mailed out the wedding invitations so most of my job for the wedding is over. I’m still in charge of figuring out transportation for the day, making sure my groomsmen are together, and the honeymoon, but these aren’t nearly as stressful and tedious as getting the invitations ready. Getting married is a joyous occasion, but I warn all guys to not hold onto any strong opinions that may counter your fiancee as the planning takes places, because it can cause needless headaches. I’ve learned just to say, “Whatever you want dear”.

Once finals are over this week, then we have a week to get ready for our mission to Zimbabwe. My graduation is on May 12th, and we leave for Zimbabwe on May 17th, so keep us in your prayers!

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