Officially done with College!!!!!!!!!

So yeah, I took my last final yesterday and I AM FREE!!!! It is the most exhilarating feeling to know that I will never, ever, ever have to take the MCAT again, deal with organic chemistry again, apply to AMCAS again, etc. As is usually done when school lets out, parents come down from everywhere to pick up their kids. As I was watching them packing their kids stuff in their minivans or moving trucks it hit me…This is the last time that I will ever be a student and see this. I became instantly nostalgic but then snapped out of it…I’M DONE!!!!!!!!

So one of my professors graduated from Loma Linda with her PhD but she did take their Gross Anatomy class to teach it here at Oakwood. She brought with her a whole year’s lecture notes, and as you can see below they are massive! She was gracious enough to let me and my fiancee have them since she knows that we are going there, but I can’t really think of when we would have time to look at them. Hopefully I’ll be able to section out some time after the honey moon.


img1134sx5.jpgOver at the old SDN Blogs, I was asked by a reader to basically display my track plan during my premed years and any advice that I would give for specific obstacles you could possible face. I started doing this mid way through my premed journey and you can check it out in my previous post. I will repost this entry in my next blog but add in the rest of the classes that I have taken since then.

My parents will be coming in town for graduation on Wednesday, but next will essentially be a prep week for our upcoming mission trip to Zimbabwe. If you taken the time to look at any news coming out of Zimbabwe, it isn’t good at all, and we hope to make a small difference and point others to Christ. Anyway, stay tuned for my upcoming gargantuan post.

10 Responses to Officially done with College!!!!!!!!!

  1. Zippa says:

    Good luck with graduation.

  2. Zippa says:

    I know you will be busy when you start medical school, but could you continue to blog regularly about your experiences. And lots of pictures please. Even if its of you textbooks.

  3. Congratulations! 🙂

  4. DoctaJay says:

    Thanks everyone for your support! I’ll certainly continue to blog as I’m in medical school. Hopefully I’ll have enough time to stay consistent. Are you still out there in Cali Stephanie?

  5. Stephanie says:

    i have been following your pre-med journey and you’ve done some amazing things! congratulations on loma linda, your wedding, and successfully finishing college. yes please continue to post your experiences!

    i know some people from oakwood who went to loma linda academy when i did (:

  6. Stephanie says:

    no not currently. i’m at walla walla college majoring in biology (so your past blogs are a huge help and inspiration!), but on breaks i do go home to loma linda (which will be soon now, yay) – my dad is a psychiatrist and an associate professor at the medical school. perhaps you will be his student someday!

    enjoy fresh air now before you get there… for the first time you will experience visible air. (:

  7. DoctaJay says:

    Lol, yeah, I’ve heard that the smog from LA gets stuck in between the mountains around LLU. Hopefully the healthy diet there will offset the cancer I’m breathing in 🙂

  8. Uju says:

    Hey DoctaJay congrats! One min u had just completed a summer thing at Cleveland summer b4 your sophmore yr, and then now you’re off to med schl! Now you and your fiancee(soon to be wife) end up going through med schl together…amazing! God is really good! Keep pressing on towards the goal for which he has called you in Christ Jesus!

  9. Sandy says:

    Hey DoctaJay,
    I do like the new site and format and all, but will there ever be a way to see if someone has made a new entry without actually entering their blog? Know what I mean? I really liked the old SDN way of being able to look at the main page and know if someone posted something new. Could a new message icon or something show up on the main list page? Thanks.

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