I’m on spring break right now, and I’m LOVIN IT!!!…

I’m on spring break right now, and I’m LOVIN IT!!! Is it possible to get senioritis as a sophomore? Lol, I hope that that isn’t what is happening to me.

Anyway, I left Alabama last Friday for Maryland. It was a long, grueling 11 hour drive but we made it home safely. We were doing about 90 mph the whole time and it still seemed like we would never get home.

I was kind of down that Friday because of my poor performance on my Genetics quiz that I took that day. The night before, my girlfriend Brittany was over my house, trying to review with me for the Genetics quiz, but I brushed her off. I guess I kind of wanted to be on spring break, before it actually started. Well needless to say, I completely failed the quiz; a feat that I don’t do much. When the teacher went over the quiz with me, I realized that I could have done well, but I just didn’t pay attention to anything remotely significant about any of the questions. The quiz was worth 50 points, and I got like a 22 or something. I guess you win some and you lose some, but as advice to the freshman coming up: NEVER EVER SLACK. I’m realizing that what separates those with the good grades from the others is that they (even though they don’t feel like it) work as hard as they can on EVERY ASSIGNMENT. By doing this, you can assure yourself that the reason you didn’t get a desirable grade was because you truly didn’t’ understand the information, not because you didn’t prepare for it.

Being home is beautiful. Of course, the day I got back it snowed like 6 inches. The first thing I did was switch from Verizon Wireless to Cingular Wireless. Even though Verizon has better service, Cingular is coming up after their merger with AT&T, and plus, Cingular has cooler phones (which is all I really care about,lol; I’m a gadget geek, and I can’t help it).

I procrastinated for the first 4 days of my spring break, so now I really have to finish all my work. My genetics teacher gave us about 24 pages of work to do over our spring break, so I definitely have stuff to finish.

I got chewed out by my mom, because I haven’t been handling my money well. This is my first time being off campus, and actually having bills to pay. I have to admit that I never really learned about balancing my check book and stuff, partially because I don’t write checks, I usually use my check card. Check cards can really get you in trouble if you don’t write down your current balance. Thank God I’ve only over drafted once, but that is once too many. My parents are about to do their taxes, and I was thinking, what in the world am I going to do when its time for me to do my taxes. I know for a fact that I have no idea even where to start. Things like managing your money and doing taxes, paying bills, etc. are things that I should have been taught. Meh, whatever, I guess I’ll read up on it. This growing up stuff is kind of stressing at times.

I’ve been slacking on my daily devotions. That is partly the reason why I’ve been feeling so down lately. Everything just feels different when you don’t start your day with the Lord. As a word to the wise, if you are going to slack on anything, don’t slack on devotion. If you are on point in your devotion with the Lord, everything else will prosper. You can quote me on that. Talk to you again when something interesting happens!!!

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