I had an absolutely wonderful weekend. I went to a…

I had an absolutely wonderful weekend. I went to a retreat where my friends and I who do mission work together trained the freshman on what they should look out for and everything. I really enjoyed it, and it allowed me to have time to clear my mind, and get my connection back with God. We read some powerful passages on the power of prayer and the great commission. All in all it was nice.

On a much sadder note; I was gone on the retreat from Friday to Today, so I didn’t get home till about 3 hours ago. When I got home, all my roommates looked like hell. I found out from them that they were at the club last night, and one of their friends was shot and killed. He was an Oakwood student from Maryland, a graduating senior, and I knew him. This senseless killing has got to stop. From what I hear, the guy that got shot (T.J), and some dude from one of the Alpha chapters down here got in a verbal argument. No hands were thrown, but apparently, while T.J. was sitting in his car, the Alpha came and shot him a couple of times. They pronounced him dead at the club. They caught the shooter, but the whole situation is so sad. Two lives are basically destroyed (the shooter and T.J) all because of a verbal altercation. I’m not sure which chapter this Alpha was from, but this situation has surely tainted my view of them. Anyway, I’m really not in much of the mood to talk anymore, so I’ll hit yall up later. Pray for T.J.’s family though…please.

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