A Letter from the Mission Field

A couple of days ago, I received a letter from one of the Zambians that I worked with when I did mission work in Zambia and Zimbabwe. I received the letter during the stressful test week that just ended, and it immediately warmed my heart and put a smile on my face. Sometimes, the process of getting through medical school can beat you down and make you forget why you started this journey. The joy I felt when I read the letter made me think of the joy that the Corinthians or the Philippians felt when they received a letter from Paul (the apostle). Receiving letters like this truly strengthens you spiritually as you fight your own battle. Here it is:

Dr DoctaJay,

How are you and the lovely queen Britany?We praise God for you nad never forget to make her the happiest person in this world.We are really proud of you guys.May God continue to shower your marriage

My dearest friend and blood brother. I will always thank God for your life. I believe that when you were born God smile because he knew that your life will be a great testimony in favor of the cross and for the salvation of mankind. Am so blessed in my life that I can call you my friend. You are just unique and God has great things to do through you if only you allow him

It is indeed a gland blessing for me to jot down a few words after a season of silence. Am doing great and the good lord continues to bless me and my entire family. The doors of providence are opening for me everyday. My happiness is increasing more and more as I work for God and as I look at how by his mercies I have been preserved.

If we can wait for every mountain to be leveled, all the valleys to be buried then we will never work for God. We have a lot of challenges and the things that are working against us but even in these times we see the providences of God clear as crystal. Despite the hardship we are doing a series of evangelistic programmes.The door to door ,nurturing programs, prison ministries and children ministries to mention but a few. The prison ministries had just been another dimension to the gospel ministries. Just imagine going to minister to the hardcore criminal. The love of God can penetrate even the darkest and deepest heart. I saw why it is still remains the greatest force of gravity. The center of the entire universe. These inmates respond as though they were there when the son of man was being nailed to the cross.

Before I die I want to live to that purpose for which God so it fit for my life to be in this generation. Continue to pray for me so that I live to that purpose. I see myself living in the house of God forever.

We praise God that he can still entrust the gospel massage with feeble people like us. May you continue to grow in the knowledge of God and live to do and be in his will.

Though time doesn’t allow me to email every day, your precious memories are tightly tacked in my heart. I will always be grateful to God even for your Life. I take time to pray for you guys also pray for me to overcome the challenges of life. Be faithful unto the end then we will meet in heaven.

Happy and prosperous 2008.

With all my love

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  1. Tolu says:

    Hey Jaysson, Sorry you have not heard from me in a while. I have been able to catch up on your blog and it’s good to know that you guyz are doing great.

    That was an awesome letter. We are truly inspired by the lives we touch.

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