Well, I’m in Maryland now and I’m happy to be home

Well, I’m in Maryland now and I’m happy to be home. I got a $138 speeding ticket in Tennessee on the way up. The cop clocked me going 87 mph in a 70 mph area, but I know I was going at least 92 mph. I was going to point out his error but I decided against it, lol. Anyway, I’m not so happy about the ticket because now the money I was saving for my girlfriends ring, I have to use to pay the ticket; so that sets me back a bit. Do you all remember that admissions lady and Brittany and I met with at the University of Maryland SOM? Well I called her up the other day to see how she was doing, and she gave me some pretty good advice. She asked me when I was taking the MCAT, and I said this upcoming August. She told me that when I’m studying for the MCAT, make sure that I don’t neglect the verbal and written sections. She told me that the University of Maryland regards those sections as very important, and it would greatly help my admission into the school if I did well on the sections. They certainly care about the science parts also, but they feel that the verbal and written sections show that a person is well-rounded, which is something that UMD SOM cares about a lot. This probably isn’t new information, but I’m telling yall anyway.

So what have I been doing on my summer break, after a crazy hard school year? SLEEP SLEEP SLEEP. For the first time in awhile I get to stay up till 4 a.m. watching tv and dvds. It truly has been wonderful.

During the day, I work at my mom’s office. She was trained as a pediatrician, but she is doing family practice at this time. Usually when I work at her office, I basically stay in the front and check in patients and enter them into the computer. But the other day, my mom actually tried to make me feel like a doctor. A patient came in, and I started to enter them in the computer like I usually do. After I made the folder, I gave the folder to my mom; but this time she asked me to take the patient in the back and take their history. Now I know this sounds like nothing, but I was really excited, cause this was the first time my mom ever let do something doctor like. Of course I had absolutely no idea how to do a history so she had to run me through it. In the office setting, a history is pretty simple. Basically I just asked the patient why they came in today. From there the patient would proceed to tell me what was wrong with them whether it be a headache, dry cough, mucous cough, trouble breathing, warts on penis, etc. So I’m basically writing all of this information down on the history sheet. You also ask extra questions if they don’t mention it like how long they have been feeling that way, are they on any medications, allegories, etc. If they mention that they had a fever I would then check their temperature with the thermometer. Then I would take their height and weight, and other stuff. All in all, it was pretty cool although I did mess up some times. Like this girl and her mom came in, and the girl was feeling sick. The mom mentioned that she had a fever so I figured I needed to check the temperature. Realizing that I had never taken a temperature before, and also realizing that I had absolutely no idea where the thermometer was I got a little nervous. I finally found it, stuck it under her tongue, and took the temperature. I found out later that you aren’t supposed to directly stick it in the patients mouth. They have disposable covers for the thermometer that you put on it when you use it on a patient. I thought you just needed to rub it down with alcohol. Needless to say, I might have spread some sickness that day, but hey, its all about learning right? LOL.

Are any of my readers into computer gaming? I’ve been playing Half Life 2 non-stop since I got home. It is truly an amazing first person shooter. I’m a computer geek to the fullest and it would be nice to know that I have a fellow comp geek to talk to about computer games and hard drives ,lol.

My parents have really been stressing lately because they don’t know how they are going to pay for my sister’s college education. Middle class families are really in a bad place when it comes to financial aid these days. We don’t have enough money to pay our children’s tuition in full but we enough money to not be eligible for any kind of financial aid. It really isn’t fair. My parents are going to finally have to take out loans to pay for her education, which is not something they’re prepared to do. But I guess you got to do what you got to do. I just wish I could become really rich and help my parents but that’s highly unlikely. I guess if my mom chose a field that was more lucrative then everything would be alright, but she choose what she loves instead and now she’s suffering for it. Meh, I’m venting, ignore me.

I’m leaving for Brooklyn on Sunday with my grandparents. So that should be fun. I might try to check out my NY medical schools!!! Anyway, until then, I’ll hit yall up later.

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