This past week in New York was pretty fun

This past week in New York was pretty fun. While my grandparents visited the people they came up there to visit, I got one of my cousins to take me to the different med schools in New York that I was interested in. I didn’t get to see a whole lot, but I was able to draw my impressions. I was interested in NYU, Mt. Sinai, Albert Einstein, and Columbia University. I couldn’t visit Einstein because it was in the Bronx and we didn’t have time to go there, but the rest were in Manhattan, so I got to visit them. NYU SOM was the first school I visited, and I didn’t necessarily like the facilities too much. Everything looked pretty old, historic, but not nice historic, more like old historic. The admissions office looked very nice, so I guess that’s good. Their library (if they had another one, I didn’t see it) was pretty small. It didn’t seem very comfortable and overall I would prefer studying in the library at my school, which is saying a lot cause ours is HORRIBLE. Now they had a really nice outside courtyard where students were chilling on benches studying, so that was nice. I went to one of the auditoriums where they usually teach. It was gimongous, but still old looking. I sat in some of the seats, and they were creaky and uncomfortable. That probably won’t matter too much since I probably won’t go to lectures that much anyway. Oh yeah, there was a crazy amount of Asians there. It took a good bit of walking around before I saw a white student, and much more looking before I saw a black student. I could have just come at a bad time, but yeah, at first glance NYU didn’t seem too diverse. So yeah, that was my impression of the little I saw of NYU SOM.

From the facilities alone, Mt. Sinai looked wonderful! Everything looked new and modern. The cafeteria had nice looking food and it looked new also. They had two sanctuaries, one nondenominational sanctuary and a much bigger jewish sanctuary. Many of the classes were in session, but I peaked through the window into one of the auditoriums and it look pretty nice. Their library was really impressive and it had a lot more things that made it more conducive to studying like big cushy seats, lots of computers, individual cubbies, round tables, lots of windows, etc. I could really see myself studying in that library. Of course, as I was walking around, I saw a pretty good amount of Jewish students but when I saw a poster of last years graduating class, I realized that the class was pretty diverse. They also had this huge concert hall place where a lot of conventions are held. Overall, I really loved how Mt. Sinai looked.

When I got to Columbia and tried to go in, I was stopped by a black female security guard. You know, those are always the worst. Its like they try to prove to you that they actually have a penis. Anyway, she gave me a rough time saying that I couldn’t go in because they were having a graduation. Well, I had already passed the auditorium that they were having a graduation in, so I wasn’t intruding on that. I just wanted to see the facilities, but she slapped me with her imaginary penis and told me to go away. So I went back outside and I guess the graduation had just finished. The Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons Class of 2005 was outside taking pictures with their families. It was really nice to see that; to see what might lie in my future if I stick with this long journey. Well after that, I left Columbia and got some New York pizza, a cheese cake from Juniors, and some sorrel from Glorias. Overall, I had a great time in New York.

So yeah, I’ve been trying exercise more. I really only need to loose 10 lbs, so I guess I’ll have to get on the treadmill. As you all know, I work in my mom’s office in the afternoon. Some pretty interesting things happened there. First, I was being taught by one of the nurses that works there how to enter the checks received into the computer. I entered in most of them, but I was confused when I got to the MediCare and Blue Cross Blue Shield letters. There was no check attached, just a letter. One of the nurses read it and explained to me that they were denying payment for a service we had rendered. Now this service had been rendered on May of 2004!!! It took them that long to respond to us, and they weren’t even giving us money. That is absolutely ridiculous. My mom’s office doesn’t accept insurances, only cash and MediCare so that’s how they’ve been able to keep their head above water, but these offices that accept mainly insurances I’m sure are suffering from this crap. An hour later, my mom sent me up to the Safeway pharmacy to pick up a prescription she wrote for my dad. She gave me about $5 to pay for it. When I got there, the pharmacist told me that it cost $88, because the medicine my mom ordered, Cipro, was not covered under our plan. Well of course I wasn’t paying that amount, so I went back to the office. My mom seemed pretty pissed about the whole thing. You see, we get our insurance through my dad’s government job. I guess his job just renegotiated their health plan for their employees, and it looked like they got the cheapest plan for their government employees, a plan that denies most of the brand name medicines that doctors prescribe. My mom was saying that there are many times when we prescribes a drug for her patient, and the patient’s insurance refused to pay for it, and instead recommended a non-brand name drug that did the same thing. My mom was saying that basically, the insurance companies are deciding how doctors can treat their patients. These are people who aren’t doctors but they are telling doctors what they can and can’t prescribe for their patients. Its just a bad situation, that needs to be fixed. And I don’t think universal healthcare is the answer either.

Yesterday, while I was working at my mom’s office a black, clean cut man, with an Armani suit walked in. I could have sworn that he was a drug rep, just because he was dressed so nicely. He actually turned out to be a patient that was sent to us by the Annapolis Department of Health. This guy really made the nurses at the office mad. They told me that he’s bisexual and has HIV and syphilis. The history in his chart revealed that in the past couple of months he has had many sexual encounters with both male and females, some of which no protection was used. This guy shows that you really can’t judge a book by it cover. I know a lot of black women are looking for professional men, and this guy would certainly fit that desire. But it just goes to show you that these STDs know no class, hierarchy or tax bracket. Your best bet is to just wait until you are married. I know its easier said than done, but with guys like him lurking around, guys who wont’ tell you that they are HIV positive, it’s the only safe thing to do.

I got my Kaplan schedule in the mail today for this summer. Here it is:

Diagnosit and Science Diagnostic – 6/5
MCAT Strategy and Critical Thinking 1- 6/7
Physics 1 – 6/9
General Chemistry 1 – 6/12
Verbal 1 – 6/14
Organic Chemistry 1 – 6/16
Biology 1 – 6/19
Physics 2 – 6/21
General Chemistry 2 – 6/23
Verbal 2 – 6/26
Organic Chemistry 2 – 6/28
Biology 2 – 6/30
Full-Length Practice Test 1 – 7/5
MCAT Strategy and Critical Thinking 2 – 7/7
Physics 3 – 7/10
General Chemistry 3 – 7/12
Verbal 3 – 7/14
Full-Length Practice Test 2 – 7/17
Organic Chemistry 3 – 7/19
Biology 3 – 7/21
Full Length Practice Test 3 – 7/24
MCAT Strategy and Critical Thinking 3 – 7/28
Full-Length Practice Test 4 – 8/7
Full-Length Practice Test 5 – 8/14

I guess now, I just need to figure out my personal study schedule. As my mentors Donn and Brian told me, the key to the MCAT is doing practice questions. So I want to devote as much time to that as possible. Did anyone of you have a study plan that worked?

I saw Star Wars today, and it was freakin tight!!! Anyway, I’ll talk to you all later.

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