Sabbath at Mwami

Today was my first Sabbath at Mwami and I truly enjoyed it. We woke up in the morning and had devotion. I have been reading the book Jesus, M.D. and it encouraged me to take myself away from everyone else and go on rounds with the Great Attending (Jesus Christ). I would recommend that book for every medical student, especially those who want to fashion their practice after Christ’s ministry. I have found this nice spot where I can truly spend time with the Lord (check out the video below). I realized that back in the States, I would barely give Christ 20 minutes everyday. As the book Jesus, M.D. stresses, would you actually learn anything from your attending if you barely spent 20 minutes with them a day? I realized that I need to get serious about spending time with God, because it is only going to get worse in terms of my busy-ness.

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After devotion I started my trek back to our guesthouse. While being here I realized that I had too much of a rigid view of what missionary medicine was supposed to be like. I thought it entailed no electricity, no cards, water from a well, etc. etc. While there are many hospitals like that, this is not ideal. The Mwami Adventist Hospital I see now is the product of years of work. They now have electricity (sporadically however), running water, toilets, satellite internet, cards, an ultrasound machine, etc. Missionary hospitals are supposed to get better as time goes on, and I am seeing that at Mwami.

Today at church I experienced my first communion service in Africa. They do it surprisingly similar to how we do it in the States. The more I stay here the more I could see myself living here. The longest I have every been on a mision at one time is 5 weeks,w hich made me wonder if Ic ould pull off the long term call (10-15 years) like Dr. Ang andhis family have done. But you know what, as long as your home reminds you of the States and as long as your home is a safe haven for you, you should be able to serve for many years. Dr. Ang’s home isj ust as big as the flat homes in Cali or Florida. Of course,many misisonaries live in much less than that but I’m sure their home is still truly a place of rest. Tormorow hopeuflly I will start helping out more medically.

4 Responses to Sabbath at Mwami

  1. Denice says:

    I always read your blogs & they are truly inspiring. I don’t know you, but I am very proud of you. Keep serving the great M.D. (JESUS). Do you know who wrote Jesus, M.D. ? I would like to get it. Be Blessed.

  2. DoctaJay says:

    Thanks alot Denise. I’ll will certainly try to continue serving. The book is really great. Check out the following link to buy it (or at least get the ISBN#):

  3. Nicolus says:

    Hi Dr jay how are you? am fine. i hav been reading your writings almost evryday. i realy get inspired. evrytime i read them i remember the last time i saw you. keep writing you i know you inspire more. and thanks so much for the videos you took for the chorel they are realy nice. Nicolus

  4. Dr mal says:

    Interesting. Your videos make me homesick 🙂 I’m a US citizen who grew up in Africa. Currently a resident in anesthesia in the US,who’s recently had a big change of heart in terms of career. I’m now wanting to return to serve in rural Africa as a surgeon (might be that calling from God you mentioned)

    I was wondering if you have the contacts of Dr. Ang. It was intrigued that he was trained as anesthesiologist and now practices surgery.

    Good luck with your schooling.

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