Monday at Mwami

Today was pretty great. Of course I was up since 3 am because my circadian clock is still completely off. So I continued to read Jesus, M.D. for about 3 hours. I really praise the Lord for his book because it has helped me overcome many of the fears i had about being a missionary doctor.

After devotion I went to check my e-mail and then I went on the wards. The stroke patient that I mentioned in my last post is getting worse and there is nothing we can do about it. The OB ward actually ended up being the coolest part of the day. We were prepping a pregnant patient for a vaginal delivery. After 3 days of labor we kind of thought that she needed a C-section but the main anesthesia person was out of town and the remaining anesthesia guy left suddenly due to a death in the family. Dr. Ang said that this happens often. People tend to put their family emergencies ahead of the patients.

So eventually the pregnant patient needed to be hurried along so we gave her hyoscine and started an IV so that we could give oxytocin. Initially they asked me if I wanted to start the IV but I had to carefully observe one to feel comfortable enough to do it. I didn’t want to be known as the American medical student who killed a pregnant women via IV. So I deferred and watched carefully. We took the mother to the delivery room and waited for it to happen. We were all talking and chatting it up whens meone noticed that the head was already coming out. The clinical officer quickly gloved, unwrapped the umbilical cord fromt he baby’s neck, suctioned, and slapped it to get it crying. It was truly the most amazing thing I have ever seen in my wife. After that I got to suture the tears that were created in the vaginal orifice duirng birth.

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