Today, as it relates to research, was actually a v…

Today, as it relates to research, was actually a very good day. That is quite a statement seeing as how yesterday I wanted to find the nearest beaker, break it and jam one of the shards into my jugular vein (yeah it was that bad).

Today I actually sat down with my mentor, Dr. Zhang. I told her about my complete lack of data and I asked her for some guidance in putting my project together. Well she didn’t devour my innards as I expected (everyone is scared to talk to her), she actually smiled and walked through everything I need to do. When I left her office I felt revitalized and ready to do research. Basically she told me that I can’t conclude that my data is faulty from only looking at 1/8 of the mouse hippocampus sections. She said to mount ¼ of them and go from there. So I was on a mission, and it was so fun that I actually didn’t even want to take lunch; but shadowing took the best of me. Yesterday, I was invited to observe a laparoscopic surgery that they were performing today. It was really cool. Basically this white guy had been stabbed in the abdomen about a year ago. His injuries were fixed, but as with many abdominal injuries, scare tissue and adhesion had grown. His bowels were stuck to his abdominal wall because of the adhesion, and it had caused him to get a humongous hernia. So they went in first to detach his bowels from his abdominal wall, and then they proceeded to put a mesh in to patch his hernia. They have so many little cool tools that they use to operate. For awhile I was set on doing emergency medicine (just because I like the show ER), but after shadowing the trauma surgeon, I’m leaning towards surgery. The only thing I might have to overcome in surgery is the bloody standing time. A laparoscopic surgery is considered to be a quick operation, and it took about 5 hours; and the surgeons were standing the whole time. I had to get a chair to rest my legs for awhile.

Life is good, research in the day, laparoscopic surgery at lunch, research in the afternoon.

I was reading the Washington Post today, and they had an interesting article on John Edwards. I found out that before Edwards decided to run for Senate, he was a MALPRACTICE lawyer. Now I don’t know about you guys, but I loathe malpractice lawyers. Now granted, there are bad doctors out there, and when they make horrible mistakes, the families deserve compensation, but too many lawyers are cashing in big time on these families tragedies. I read an article that there are more million dollar law partnerships now than ever. And this is because of the million dollar malpractice cases. Now I never did like Kerry or Edwards; I’m a Howard Dean guy. But they do seem to have a lot of good things going for them. This might sound weird, but even though I can’t imagine putting a malpractice lawyer in office, BUSH needs to go. He doesn’t need to go because I’m a democrat and he’s a republican. He doesn’t need to go because he’s stupid. He needs to go because he sent our soldiers into a war on the basis of a lie. War is a very important thing, and we should not go into it without very very very tangible evidence of a threat to America. Do you guys know that we had about a 5 TRILLION dollar surplus when Clinton left, and now we have a 400 BILLION dollar deficit that won’t be going anywhere in the near future. When Clinton left, Social Security had a chance, now its completely shot, and we (all my future doctors out there) will be paying for that. Now I don’t refute that fact that when Clinton left, the economy was already taking a slight turn for the worst. But when Clinton came into office, look how he got the economy from George Bush senior. It was in shambles, and he left us with a 5 TRILLION dollar surplus. Now to all my republicans, I understand that you must stand behind Bush, because he protects your interests. But when I vote, I plant to protect my countries’ interests. I’d rather put a malpractice lawyer into the VP spot than have Bush stay. Do you guys know that Bush PROMISED that they would not spend above budget for this war. The budget was 65 BILLION dollars; they NEED MORE now. Bush just signed for another 25 BILLION dollars to go towards this war. How long will we stay there? How long until Haliburton makes enough money to buy Iraq. Now I don’t doubt that Saddam was a bad guy; but if a nation as a whole doesn’t want liberation, who are we to force it on them. Michael Moore had a good analogy. He said that if the French decided that America needed freedom from the Brits, before we started our own revolution, before we had our George Washington, before we wanted to be free; how different would the war have been. If people don’t make the decision themselves to be free, they will never truly be free. OK, I’m done venting; I know many won’t agree with my opinions; but please post your comments, I love political debates.

On a lighter subject, I got a new digital camera today!!! It’s a Canon PowerShot A75; got it on EBAY for $202. The new pictures of me on this site were taken on it. And I want to say thanks to Dan Imler for putting them up so fast! Tomorrow I’m going to get a lot of research work done, but at lunch I’m also going to a Trauma Conference at the hospital. Every Thursday they have a trauma conference where one of the residents presents an interesting case to the attendings. The attendings fire off questions at the residents about their patient, and the resident answers as coolly as possible. The whole thing is actually pretty cool (plus they have free food; so you know I’ll be there!!!). I want to write more, but I don’t want to miss the Democratic National Convention. Please post comments, I love replying to them!!!

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