June 26, 2008

Today was a good day. I woke up nice and late after being called in for the C-section and praying with Mr. Myembe. My wife and I started rounding in the Peds ward. We checked the two kids that we operated on yesterday (the forehead cyst and the inguinal hernia). Then we went to the nutrition section and checked out the kids to see if they ere gaining weight. From there we stalked out the OB ward to see a vaginal delivery. While there I did a vaginal exam and I realized that I’m still very bad at figuring out the dilation of the cervix. I wanted to get one of the vaginal births on tape but both of the mothers ended up needing a C-section, so we went to the OR.

In the OR I assisted in two C-sections. The first one I got to put in normal non-continuous sutures to close her up. The second one was done with Dr. Peduche and she taught me how to do a cosmetic subcutaneous suture. That suture is so freaking pretty. While I was closing up, my wife (who acted as the scrub tech for the surgery0 was assisting me. You can see the picture below. To be honest, my wife is a much better and meticulous suturer than I am, so when she said, “Good job babe, that looks really clean”, I was beaming, lol. I want to take a picture of my first sub-cut suture when we round on her tomorrow. Time really does fly when you are in the OR.

One thing that has been a breath of fresh air while I have been operating at Mwami is that everyone stops and prays together before the first incision. I didn’t see this happen during my freshman rotations at Loma Linda University Hospital which is sad. I guess people don’t want to stand out or appear too spiritual in the hospital. I would personally want to pray before every surgery. I probably won’t have the pull to get this happening until I’m a senior resident or an attending. We’ll see though.

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