Sabbath and Visitations

The story of Zaccheus can be found in Luke 19. You know, Zaccheus hadn’t exactly lived a good life. He wasn’t an upstanding Christian or Jew. But when Jesus toldhim that He was coming to his house that day, Zaccheus was overwhelmed. That Jesus thought enough of him to visit him melted Zaccheus’ heart and he gave his life ot God, receiving salvation that day. I really think that this story really highlights the importance of visitation. Visiting someone starts the formation of a relationship, and people are more easily brought to Christ when you have formed a relationship with them. Physicians should always kep in mind the power of visitation. My wife and I visited the home of one of the many young single mothers for Sabbath lunch. I can already see the doors opening for the Word to be shared (even if we don’t crack open a Bible).

I got to deliver my first baby today!!!!!! It was just me and a nurse. I had actually gone into the hospital to see if the premature baby we cut out yesterday was still alive; he was and I was thankful to see his color finally there. A nurse walking by told me of the mother who was close to delivering. She was fully dilated and the secretions were pouring out. I set up my camera to catch the whole thing but I forgot to press record (like a big dummy), so I only got the unexciting part. So yeah I got the clamps and stuff out that I needed and I waited for nature to take its course. Her water broke and blood literally exploded out of her vaginal opening. Somehow no blood got on me, but a nice amount got on the nurse’s lip! She of course went crazy and went to wash off her mouth, leaving me alone. The baby popped out seconds later; I put two clamps on the umbilical cord and cut in the midle to minimize the bleeding. I gave the baby’s butt a slap and it barely cried, it just whimpered. The nurse came back and noted that the baby was tiny. We asked the mom how many months pregnant she was and she told us 7 months. "My God", I thought, "another premature baby!" I started to suction the baby’s mouth and nostrils but the baby still didn’t cry. When we put him on the scale, he started to cry a little, but then he stopped; he weight in at 1.7 kg.

We took the little baby boy to our “nursery” and wrapped him in blankets. The baby’s nostrils were flaring and his abdomen was retracting which each breath, indicating respiratory distress. We needed to give the baby oxygen via a nasal canula but we only had the adult size. So we made due and jammed it into one of the baby’s nostrils. I prayed over both the premature babies in the nursery, praying that they would make it through the cold night. You can see the baby in respiratory distress in the video below. Normally when you breath in, your abdomen pokes out, but when a baby is in respiratory distress you see the abdomen being sucked in.

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  1. rosaline law says:

    this is wonderful Jaysson. I actually am very excited for you and Brit. God be with you both. Experience everything to the fullest. Continue to be a blessing to so moany.
    I Love the Two of you sooo much!

  2. DoctaJay says:

    Thanks Rosaline. Love you too!

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