Outreach Day

Today was outreach day, so we piled into a bus and set off. Its truly a wonder to me how the people that live in these remote villages make it to the hospital for emergencies. The roads are really just that bad. I honestly think it would be easier to ride a bicycle than to drive a car on these roads. The video below barely shows you how bad we were bouncing around:

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When we arrived to the village we set up shop. We started off with an educational talk about malaria, HIV, diarrhea, etc. Then we started screening the patients, diagnosing them and writing prescriptions. I began to get the idea (which was confirmed by the clinical officers) that we were writing prescriptions for people that didn’t actually need them. Just about everyone got Paracetamol because they had “pain” or a “fever”. But you can’t blame them; we were giving free meds and if they didn’t have pain or a fever at the time, eventually they would. When you read stories about multitudes and crowds pressing in on Jesus it really becomes real on these outreach days. Everytime you look up the huge crowd of patients gets closer and closer. At one point a little boy was right under my arm at our makeshift pharmacy.

Besides that, my tummy ahces because i ate something I shouldn’t have. The docs at LLU gave us some Cipro before we left so hopefully that will help.

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