3 ½ weeks until the MCAT and I’m feeling very scared right now

3 ½ weeks until the MCAT and I’m feeling very scared right now. I feel like I’m not studying enough. I’m studying consistently, but I feel like I should be waking up at 4 a.m. and studying till 10 p.m. I’ve just about given up on improving on the PS section. I’m just not going to get higher than a 7 or 8 on that section. I’m really trying to beef up on my BS and VR sections, but I’m not making much gains in that. The last full length test I’ve taken is FL #3, and I got a 26 on that test. I’m improving but its just kind of stressing. I took a stab and Kaplan FL #7 and I scored so low I decided not to even review the answers. I’m really trying to figure out how to approach these last few weeks. I’m thinking that I might just forget the Kaplan tests and just do the AAMC full length tests. I also might only do Kaplan section tests. Here’s my break down so far:

Diagnostic: PS: 6 VR: 7 BS: 6 = 19
FL # 1: PS: 7 VR: 7 BS: 9 = 23
FL # 2: PS: 7 VR: 10 BS: 8 = 25
FL # 3: PS: 8 VR: 9 BS: 9 = 26
FL # 7: Don’t even wan to mention LOL

I’m scared and that’s kind of hard for me to admit, but I truly am. I know that God is going to help me, but I’m scared that I haven’t done my part. Now trust me, I’m not partying every night, but through out the day, I just zone out and surf on the internet. I haven’t done it too much but…I don’t know, I guess I’m just really feeling the pressure now that the test is so close. My goal is a 30, 31, or 32, but I guess I would be happy with a 28 or 29. I’m really wondering whether the AAMC full length tests would more or less tell me how I would do on the real MCAT. I don’t want to feel like I didn’t do enough on the 21st. Anyway, I’m rambling now; I hope everyone else is doing well in their studies.

O yeah, I’m drowning my MCAT sorrows by buying things for my car. Some girls buy ice cream, I buy new shocks and smoked corner lights. I’ll post pictures when I make the switch. Also, I’m thinking of getting personalized plates for my car. I want to see if you all can tell what it is saying. Here is is:


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  1. Christine says:

    Hi! I realize this is an old post, but came across it because my MCAT is in 3 weeks and I’m not scoring where I need to be (really hoping St. Joseph of Cupertino will guide me through). I’m in the exact same place you were in and I was wondering if there was anything you did/changed within those 3 weeks that helped you? And how did you do on the MCAT/did you take it again? Any advice would be very much appreciated!

    Congrats to getting in and now completing residency! Definitely not the easiest profession out there. I hope that will be me someday

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