Happy Anniversary!

So yeah, as of today I have been married for 1 year! Time really flies when you are having fun (and when you are in medical school too). We both praise God for bringing us this far in our marriage and with His help we hope to reach many more milestones.

So what did we do for our anniversary? We tried to go to the game park but they were booked, so we’ll have to go next weekend. Instead we went to visit the mother who named her baby after my wife. Since the village she lived in was pretty far we considered not going, but after some deliberation we got one of the local girls to go with us (in a taxi) to the village. It cost us 60,000 K (kwacha) roundtrip which is about $20; you can view the pictures below. The mother was so happy to see us; she told us that she was wondering if we would actually come. Just think of the opportunity for ministry that we would have missed if we continued to make excuses. We had a great time and we presented some gifts for her baby (baby clothes we brought from the US).

In a previous post, I had talked about the importance of visitation, especially on the mission field. As we sat there just talking (with a translator of course) I realized how little this goes on in the U.S. Its not very often that folks just come by simply to talk. Usually something has to be happening simultaneously like a celebration for some event, watching TV together, playing video games, etc. We just don’t come by very often for the sole purpose of talking. Anyway, I enjoyed the time there and we hope to visit the mother who named her son after me this upcoming weekend.

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  1. mom and dad says:

    Happy Anniversary my babies! what a blessed year it has been for you guys and God has so uch more in store for you. We pray for your safety and undying, unconditional forever love for each other! Still no calling card it was either use $7 worth of quarters to put gas in car to get to work or call you! sorry(lol). LUV YA PS: arent u proud of me I figured out how to make a commnent on ur blog!

  2. I’m waiting for your next post ^^!

  3. Tolu Dawodu says:

    Congrats to both of you!!!!! I can’t believe one year went by so fast. I am glad it has been great so far. God that you brought you both this far will continually propel you forward.

    On visitation, It was part of the culture shock I experienced when I first came here from Nigeria.. I couldn’t believe you couldn’t just show up at a friend’s house to talk (we say Jist). You had to go through all the formalities like call first, and the rest. Not that it’s not important but it does affect other things.

    If we will inculcate it here in the U.S it will have an impact on our society; A decline in depression and maybe even suicidal rates. It’s not easy to talk or confide in a friend during a super bowl party or a Memorial Day barbeque.
    In all, visitation is IMPORTANT!

    You continue to inspire me and those pictures are simply beautiful

  4. Drnjbmd says:

    Happy Anniversary! You two are surely blessed to have found each other and found the joy of helping others who have such great needs. May you have many happy years to come and grow in your love for each other.

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