My my my, what a day I’ve had. Its actually 2:30 i…

My my my, what a day I’ve had. Its actually 2:30 in the morning on Friday, but because I love yall, I’m going to post my journal.

Research went pretty well today. I took my brain sections out of the cyroprotectant and put them into a well plate filled with PBS. I have to rinse it and change the fluid every hour for 5 hours. So that took up some time. Meanwhile I was also putting together my powerpoint and my poster presentation for the 13th.

I went to the Trauma Conference at the hospital today and Rocky, a 4th year was presenting a case. Basically this guy came in to the ER after being in an unrestrained head on collision. He had no obvious external wounds, but the impact of the accident practically split his liver in half. So that is the subject that occupied the whole meeting. The attendings were basically picking all the resident’s minds about how they would have gone about treating this patient. His blood pressure was normal and he wasn’t tachycardic, so they decided to let him wait it out. Their reasoning was that even though he bleed about 500 cc into this abdomen, he wasn’t bleeding out anymore. So therefore he had formed a clot, and they knew that if they operated on him at this point he would bleed out way too much. So they are going to try to let his body heal the liver as much as it can, and then they are going to close up the rest.

So yeah, that was a pretty cool conference. I came back to the lab and finished up some more work on my presentation. Around 5 p.m. when I was planning to leave, my trauma pager went off and it said GSW Trauma Stat, ETA 5 min. This means that there is a gun shot wound, it requires immediate attention, and their estimated time of arrival is 5 minutes. Since I know how badly GSW’s to the chest can be, I ran over to the hospital to see what was going on. What really pissed me off was that the patients of 16 years old!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What is this world coming to. On examination of his chest x-ray, we observed that the bullet was lodged either in his mediastinum or right outside of it. If it was lodged in his mediastinum, then that could definitely threaten his life. They took him up to the OR to explore and see exactly what they were working with. He could have possibly have had cardiac tamponade (look it up on google). So they had to cut him open so they could make sure the bullet didn’t puncture his heart at all.

After that some interesting stab wounds came in. This one guy who got stabbed was supposedly trying to protect himself from being stabbed. So basically his thumb was almost cut completely off. The most interesting case today was basically a GSW inferior to the brachial plexus. The bullet fragmented and completely tore up his lung. After about 2 hours he was finally stable, but he was very close for about an hour. I’m way too tired to write any more. Peace!!! P.S.- Kerry had a great speech tonight, don’t you think?

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