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There are 2 main Adventist missionary hospitals in the country of Zambia in Africa. My wife and I went to Mwami Adventist Hospital the summer after our first year of medical school. Yuka is the other mission hospital in Zambia and it is far more remote than Mwami, which is why we went to Mwami :-). But I just found out that the Yuka hospital is actually staffed by an orthopedic surgeon which gives me even more hope that it can be done. Check it out:

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  1. yoly mangold says:

    Hi! I’m Dr. Helard Mangold’s wife. We have been at Yuka, and my husband is an orthopedic surgeon. Unfortunatelly, we are not at Yuka anymore. We hope in future to go back there, because we have left our hearts in that place We are under God’s will as always.
    I hope you can be in touch with us, and specially sharing all my husband’s experience.
    May God bless you both!

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