For privacy concerns: Although I freely reveal personal things about myself and about my life I’m always cognizant of privacy issues, and I respect a person’s/patient’s right to privacy. If I have any hesitation to write about someone else for any reason, I choose not to write about it at all. All names and identifying characteristics have been altered or deleted in order to protect confidentiality and conform to HIPAA guidelines. 28 year-old Steve may be 33-year old Rachel. These details are rarely the focus of my blogs. So remember (once again) that any names mentioned are either already public or they have been changed as well as the descriptions of environments.

For medical information:Welcome to the information age. There’s knowledge at your fingertips—and you can even play “self-diagnose” by visiting one of the many health websites on the Web. But please, for your safety and well-being, check with your doctor and confirm your diagnosis. One of the things that e-health websites can’t provide you with is experience; remember, just because you have the symptoms associated with diabetes doesn’t mean you have diabetes. You could just be dehydrated.

And just so we’re clear, read “A Missionary Doc in the Making” in the same light. Please refrain from using medical related things mentioned on this blog as medical advice. Please…please, visit your doctor for factual and reliable advice. (Source)

5 Responses to Privacy

  1. Mollyw says:

    Hi Doctajay

    I understand why you would want to keep certain aspects of your medical journey private but I was wondering how one would go about seeking permission to read the hidden blog posts, unless they are truly for your own personal logging.
    Please respond to my email if there is a way.

    Take care and God Bless

    • DoctaJay says:

      Hey Molly. Initially I was providing passwords, but after realizing how unpredictable the match process can be, I decided to keep all future posts about my interviews private until I match. I hope you understand.

  2. Mollyw says:

    I totally understand. I will patiently wait until after you match to see more of your blog.

  3. Tammy says:

    Hi Dr. Jay,

    I have a question for you. I was looking up some information about the University of Maryland School of Medicine and I randomly came across your blog. I see that you went to Loma Linda University for Medical School. I have been accepted to both LLU and University of Maryland for med school but im having hard time making a decision. I’ve been in adventist schooling all my life so going to Maryland will be a big change for me. I was wondering what your experience has been when you compare your time at Loma Linda with your time at Hopkins, which is not an adventist institution.

    God Bless!

    • DoctaJay says:

      Hi Tammy, like you I was accepted to both, and I ultimately chose LLU. UMD is an amazing school with a lot of opportunities, but in my likely biased opinion I think LLU is better. The #1 reason is mission; while you can do mission work with UMD, it doesn’t hold a candle to the opportunities available at LLU. They pay for you to go all across the world and you are constantly surrounded by attendings and various physicians who are past missionaries who can guide you. #2 is their teaching method. LLU while not a household name on the east coast trains you to be an excellent clinician…truly. We beat out all of the other California schools in our standardized physican exam test every year for the past 12 years. Not just that but you learn how to incorporate God into your medical practice which you won’t get else where. # 3…you are in freaking california, so you can go to the beach and ski all on the same day. No where else is the terrain so unique. I’m in Baltimore now and trust me, you won’t be doing either here. Both are great, and again its a matter of prayer, but I certainly believe God’s hand is on LLU and yo u will be more well rounded coming from LLU.

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